The Commodore PC Lives! (at my airline)

A bank of them power this old 757 FTD (simulator lacking motion or visuals but otherwise operates and flys (mostly) correctly.)


I know that feel, bro.

I have a Commodore in my basement, too.

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looks to be in much better condition than this one


When I went to Pensacola back in 2001 to see my brother get his wings, I got to take a ride in the full motion helo Sim. The thing runs on 4 computers nwith tape drives each with slightly less computing power than a grapbinc calculator. A C64 would have been a big upgrade!

Actually, if you knew what you were doing, the C64 was pretty good. In 1985, I wrote up my Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Project with a C64 word processor. 100+ pages. Switch 5 ¼ floppies and I was running subLogic’s Flight Simulator in glorious 4 colors on my TV set.