The G2A fraud

If you’ve been using this site then shame on you.
But they recently had an AMA on reddit and it didn’t go so well


G2A seller shows that there is no real verification process for putting keys on to the market as proof that there is no protection against stolen keys, G2A denies this until pressed further, at which point they ban the seller from buying from the website, as well as take away his ability to transfer money from his account. basically stealing his money


G2A, Kinguin and the whole lot of key resellers are pretty much a bunch of frauds that support a criminal ecosystem and creditcard fraud. Honestly what they do is fencing stolen goods.

And there also have been plenty of stories where this behaviour hurts the actual devs, costing them money on rejected credit card transactions. Really, those hacks should be shut down.

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Agreed. It’s not always easy to tell if a store is legit though. People who knowingly buy from them should be ashamed, but if you’re just hunting deals and come across this, I mean, it’s not good, but I don’t judge as harshly. Should do some research though.

I always double check sites I’ve never heard of when buying stuff.

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Well to be honest I always had a bad feeling about those serices and never bought or sold any keys there.
Still a bit shocking to see it the way they work so clearly now. Thanks for posting!

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i tried to explain this to them and SimHQ Haters when ED Locked down the License Key Trading and warned not to purchase from said sites.

I got nothing but “but maybe you’re wrong” ,and told I was doing alot of assumptions to back ED’s changes, etc etc.

the proof was more than evident,.


Shady website’s practices are shady? Who knew? :wink:

People who get burned by this should be upset with G2A - at a minimum, they knew the risks they were offering people and if they weren’t communicated effectively, that’s G2A’s fault.

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Does kinguin sell keys for dcs F111?

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F-111 MInus 96