The Great Opportunity

Since the neurosurgeon has given me the OK to remove the neck brace and move/turn my head, I have begun to clear and clean, repaint and replace the damage I did to my sim area.

This has given me a great opportunity. I plan to revitalize my sim area. I want a semi-permanent area–but not a simpit–to pursue this great hobby of ours.

First things first…I need to repeat the ceiling. So first lay the drop cloth and get all the supplies and equipment.

Next I need to get the pattern of how I want to paint the ceiling…

…that should do it.


You sure about that step ladder…? Two steps… I dunno, man?
Be careful!


Let’s hope he don’t paint his house like he flies his viggens eh :wink:


Yeah…so…you know when you purchase a house and the prior owners leave all the various left over paint in case you need it for a touch-up…and you go through it to find the correct color and you find one that looks real close…and then you are painting with it and it looks a bit too dark…

…and you think, “well, I’m sure when it dries it will be much lighter…”

…and it isn’t!



Extra :heart: due to use of speech bubbles… :slight_smile:


Well, it’s not too late to do a razzle dazzle camouflage pattern and show your true navy roots!


Just thumb tack a pancho liner up there to cover it up. Wife’s love that.


My first thought too!


Flats can get lighter a tad as they dry depending on viewing angle.

Semi gloss etc go darker as the “wet” sheen fades which is glossier than the final result.

Trick we did at the hardware store:
Dip the stir stick in and wipe it on the rim of the can leaving an full thin even coat of paint on the stick. Dry it with a hair dryer on medium from a few inches away so that it’s not baking it, by just warming it. You can wave it across to keep it even.

That’ll give you a rough idea, if it appears that it didn’t cover well - dry a bit more and try a second layer. If it’s still off then it’s a bad mix / wrong colour / different finish.

Also your colour chips will rarely perfectly match as they are typically made with acrylics like nail polish and not paint - so it’s not technically a fair comparison.

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Inquiring minds want to know if you got the lan cable installed above the ceiling?

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