The Greek St. Maarten..?

Looks unnecessarily low considering there is 5,341’ of runway to work with (Maersk used to take their 737-500s into 4,100’ on the Faroes)…but it certainly looks cool…(until your mains lop off some idiot’s head…)

Skiathos Island National Airport


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I wonder if Freeway Airport in Maryland will ever show up in one of these shots. The prevailing wind typically puts your approach over the freeway, and the threshold is not far from the median.

I flew a dozen times or so out of good ol’ W00 and it was always weird looking right on short final and seeing semi-trucks headed at you. Would always scare any passengers, too.

At the other end, I swear they trimmed the trees exactly to the 50’ obstacle curves in the 172 POH every 6 months. If you were a little slow on your takeoff roll, or got a little tailwind gust or sheer during your upwind, you’d have to pick tree branches out of your wheel pants on your next full stop! :wink:

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LOL, the departure in FSX is a bit more exciting than the real thing!

I certainly don’t remember a building on the departure threshold!

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