The new Dagor Engine 5.0 - War Thunder

Getting a bit of an upgrade with physically based rendering and destructible environment. Helping simmers with a better system for visibility for spotting and identifying aircrafts. As well as removing the benefit of the much dreaded Ultra Low Quality [ULQ] setting. Were the renderer did not render bushes and trees and gave the player a huge spotting advantage.

While War Thunder is far from perfect, I hope that with the 1.53 update we will see an improvement over the old iteration. If nothing else, it will give you something pretty to watch at as your plane goes down in a fireball.


small step for the air, but big leap for the ground and sea :wink:

And so it begins. 1.53 is out :smile:

yeah, anyone around here plays that?

I dont know, all the updates just forgot about the simulation part. time to move… but where… :smile:

New Update is out!
Yes, you might have removed it from your system- just… lookie here…

Dagor Engine 5.0 — a new version of the game engine brings War Thunder improved graphics and effects.

New landscape creation technology for ground vehicle locations
New algorithms of landscape texturing and detalization
Realistic mud and puddles
New anti-aliasing technology (Variance Clipping TAA)
Contact shadows and shadows on effects
Realistic rain effects
Layered fog and mist effects
Other graphical improvements:

Dynamic clouds and sun
The effects of the bullets/shells hitting the water, ground and other objects has been updated.
The traces of HE shells impacting the ground with .50 calibre and higher has been improved.
The algorithm for the postFX “Polynom” has been changed. The maximum brightness when using this post-effect has been limited to 2 times the original.

I played like 2 hours total, and got very confused by the lions / silver/ replacement / aircrew thing, and more than a little turned off that using my HOTAS in - game put me at a disadvantage. Should I consider giving it another look?

In my opinion, no.

Powerful graphics engine, interesting mechanics, massive fleet of units… wasted on battle/game modes with really no thought put into them. It’s fun for a few rounds with friends, but after a while you start to wonder why your Sherman is repeatedly put into head-on no cover engagements with T-34’s, or your Mustang is repeatedly forced into low-altitude brawls, or why Zeros don’t disintegrate after converging on your six with a 12G pull, or… etc. etc.

Prime example of how the devil’s really in the details if you want a meaningful wargaming experience.

Well, it’s primarily an arcade fighter, so…

It really depends on your expectations.

I keep it updates mostly for quick matches now and then- NOT for teh grind!

Yes, I lose a lot. Yes I’m never going to actually waste money on it. Yes, I’m never going to be a match to other guys who do.

The first two ranks vehicles (tiny and small agile ones) are the best fun! :smiley:
Better enjoyed in a team of communicating players but I had a surprising success with random too!

Last time I played there was a death zone around Tier III to Tier IV where the grind really kicks up and the vehicles started unpacking into ones you want to play, and ones you don’t. I’ve still got an M4A3 76w that I haven’t touched n years because I’m tired of getting OHKO’d by Tigers. That said Tier I-III British was just a barrel of laughs.


I fly with few guys from time to time in the Sim Batles and it is quite good imo = good graphics, good fps, lots of planes to choose from and few very good details like posibility to use no-tracers amo, wake turbulence etc.

We fly mostly the Prolonged Engagements what is their equvalent of dedicated servers.

And Gaijin still promises the World War Mode what should be some kind of dynamic campaign…

plus all the rare planes you will never have chance to see and try in any other sim…

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Bloody hell it’s still there… but- it’s not just as bad.
A lot of new mechanics and whatnot makes for a better game. IMHO.