The New Rig Report…an introspective

So I should be getting the new rig today. As we have discussed, I’ll provide my observations as I get things set up and running.

For a baseline this is the system:
XForce RTX PRO Flight Sim and Gaming System

Intel Eight Core i-9 9900K Processor overclocked to 4.9GHz
Intel Z390 Chipset Motherboard
VR (Virtual Reality) Ready
Fast USB 3.1
32 Gigabytes of DDR-4 3600MHz RAM (supports up to 64GB)
2 Terabyte Solid State Hard Drive at 1800MB/s (SSD)
Nvidia RTX 2080 with 8GB GDDR6
850-Watt Power Supply with dual CPU power connectors to support 8-core overclocking
802.11ac Wireless-AC (WIFI)
Gigabit Ethernet Port
Dual M.2 Ports on Motherboard for adding a second high-speed SSD
Multiple USB 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1 ports
Also one USB Type-C™ port
X-Plane 11 installed

I added a gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard.
I also got a 7 port power USB hub, Saitek rudder pedals (my CH pedals from 2001. have seen better days) and a Gladiator flightstick (for Russian aircraft in DCS)

Oculus Rift-S

My plan is to set up and start with X-Plane in regular non-VR, before I see how it handles VR. Do the same for DCS and then Elite Dangerous. At some point I will likely branch out into other VR-only/-focused sims, but want it keep it to the “VR Big Three” to start out.

As the thread title indicates, I do not plan on a lot of technical data beyond FPS rates or number of pixels - more of the “goods and others” as I get into the VR world.

Well…back to pressing my nose against the window as I wait for the UPS truck to arrive…:grin:

EDIT: If there is anything specific somebody would like me to try with the rig (other than see if it floats in the bathtub) let me know and I will try and see.


Test how fast you can ship it straight to me?

I actually had to gasp for air after reading those specs. I think I held my breath… :flushed:


This will be my first water cooled PC. On there page about the system, there is a video going over the power supply and cooling system.

Oooh…its here!


I was just about to ask…
I’ll have a look at the video.

See you next week, @Hangar200! :sunglasses:

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We demand the obligatory “post from the new PC”.
Preferably a post of said PC. :+1:

Hotdamn that’s a nice hunk of silicon, steel and plastic you got there old man!

Sweeeeeeet…!!! That’s an awesome rig…

…and refresh my memory…have you used VR before? I always love the initial reactions to flight simmers in particular…

Tomorrow morning, the first order of business is to reread @BeachAV8R’s two articles on the future of VR in flightsim, published in recent PC Pilot editions. Not because Beach didn’t do a good job of capturing the subject; we all know he is a master wordsmith. Rather because the first time I read it, I had not experienced VR.

Likewise, I need to reread @smokinhole’s “Cut the cord, manl” article here on Mudspike. Same reason.


There you have it. VR has changed forever the way I look at flightsimming. This from somebody who was in it since the beginning–who was running subLogic’s Flight Simulator on a Commodore 64 in 1984.

Consider my world to have been rocked. :grin:


Yeah…my initial impression of VR, and one I am always keen to share, was:

“This is how it was always meant to be…”

Because what is really amazing to me is that the 3D cockpits, even those not really adapted to VR, finally appear to be how they should be. It was an insane realization (and one @PaulRix had been drilling into us for months)…

And I’ll second the recommendation to read @smokinhole’s “Cut The Cord, Man!” article…I’m planning to riff off that article in a coming article soon!


For those of us of a certain age, Star Trek was the pretend game of choice. We’d beam into the forest and fight off strange new lifeforms. One of my friends was really good at making nifty origami communicators from paper, usually recycled “Playboy”. Of all the cool technology Star Trek gave us, the Communicator was the slickest. The dream of owning one someday was realized when the iphone came out in 2007.

VR is the same sort of revolution. If you grew up with flight sims, it is how you dreamed you would someday fly, whether you realized it then or not.


The delivery…

…and unboxing.

(cat not included)

Initial observations:

Set up was uneventful. I expected this to be noisy with all those cooling fans running but it is very quiet. XP11 was preinstalled. I did a quick spin with the regular monitor using the Cessna flying out of Sion (LSGS) with the default scenery and it was very fluid.

Next I went through the Rift S installation. The robot was fun. Then for the big test, XP11 in VR. The XP set up was easy and soon I was back in the Cessna’s cockpit at LSGS in VR. Wow!

I’ll post some technical details once I run through it again. Suffice to say that you really feel like you are in the cockpit vice just seeing the cockpit. It is a completely new experience. I was instantly hooked.

The change in perspective is immediate, total and instinctive.
For example: I tried to set a controller down on the cockpit seat next to me…except it wasn’t there in the real world. Fortunately I still had the wrist strap on. My wife stopped by and I handed the VR to her as she stood behind me. She leaned forward to see better out the windshield and instinctively put her arm to to brace herself on the back of the pilot’s seat (as she was accustomed to doing when she flew as a flight attendant)…and the seat back wasn’t really there. That is how much both of us were immediately immersed in the VR environment. It is that good!

Others: That said, the VR was a bit darker than the monitor. I did notice the screen door effect. There was definitely some stuttering when looking at the ground while turning or going fast and low–probably a graphics level set a bit high since it comes optimized for monitors. I’ll adjust that accordingly.

Loading DCS World now. Stay tuned.


Several thousand dollars worth of awesome equipment…and a bonus that the cat will love to play in the box. Win-win!


Glad to hear that VR impressed you Will. It really is a game changer. Congrats on your new rig too!

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This is answering many questions.
Anxious to hear more (actually quite exciting) as I am considering upgrading also.
VR is very intriguing!!

Hit a bit of a stumbling block yesterday. The VR headset appeared completely dead. The PC (working properly) did dot recognize the video or USB. I tried the usual remedies such as rebooting and reinstalling the software…nothing.

Then I had to go to a wine tasting at the Yacht Cub. While reducing my stress level, it did nothing towards fixing the problem.

Early this morning, at my wife’s recommendation I went through the set up procedure one. more time, under her watchful eye.

Wife - “Is that the cord thing that plugs Ito the computer?”
Me - “Yes”
Wife - “Is it loose?”
Me - “No, it is a permanent connection to the headset, see…”
[push on the connection to the headset and feel a small click - an LED in the headset comes on…]
Wife - “What’s that…oooh, the USB connection just came on!”

So I went through the rest of the set up process and threw some stuff at the annoying robot.

My question now is whether this is a common occurrence or if there is something wrong with my headset and I should return it for a new one. I figure its too late today so I’ll just give it a workout through the weekend to see if it does this again.

As for the rest of the rig, it is working like a champ (knock on wood) - it loads XP11 and DCS super fast. Plus it is super quiet.

So today is DCS day…going to see ifVR is any help in landing a Viggen. :grin:

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confused in hundreds of successful reverse thrust Viggen landings

Yeah, I’ve read plenty about the headset shipping with a lose or unseated connection, but once it’s clicked in place, all should be good from then on.
Guess the dude tasked with clicking that cable in have weak fingers or something…

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You make this sound like such a chore.