The official 3rd Annual Mudspike Christmas Flight - 2017 Edition



LOL…if it burned vodka he would have been in luck three weeks ago. Alas…I think that supply has dwindled as well…

That’s a fitting name for a sailboat - optimism branded on the stern…I like it…!

Hard to believe the sloop outran the catamaran…although like you said, the wind data might have skewed that data.

That is amazing actually.

Oh man, thanks for taking us along for the ride. It was fascinating to read about it and see the adventure unfold. Bravo!


Me too! Very well done Parrot.


Very cool. What’s the sailing simulator?


This is the one.

Under development as yet, there is still a lot that could be done with it. But it works quite well.


Leg09 Ketchikan to Anchorage, Alaska (PAKT - PANC)

In arguably one of the fastest vehicles participating in this year’s MUDSPIKE, I continue to make my way - as if by tortoise back. Granted, the Lear is no SR-71. It is, however, at least 64 times quicker than CP’s sailboat. A sailboat whose tardiness could be measured by watch, and not by calendar.

It has been an entertaining, if not educational, journey to this point. Did you know that this region is replete with native Alaskan culture and that Ketchikan has the world’s largest collection of standing totem poles?

Today’s leg:

Concerned about the rate at which the GE CJ610-8A military surplus engines had been consuming kerosene, we decided to delve a bit more into Lear fuel management. Our studies revealed that if we could keep our enthusiasm curbed to around 421 KTAS at FL410, that we should be able to ring quite a few more miles out of our steed. Let’s hope so. I mean we’re launching with a bit more than 7,000 lbs of fuel!

At the line checks complete, we take our position on the launch pad.

We say goodbye to Southeast Alaska and turn north one more time.

For the first 45 minutes or so, we move in and out of cloud layers. Occasionally, the sun peaks through.

Eventually, we get on top and settle in for a lovely cruise up to Anchorage. At about the 1:40 mark, we pass over Sitka, which was the original capital of the Alaskan territories.

So, while we chased and sat on on 421 KTAS from time to time, let’s just say that at OAT of -30, you can plan for 200 KIAS, or better .7 mach. That was good for 412 kts ground speed and much better fuel range that the .82 we had been hitting previously.

The amazing vistas would continue along our route.

Eight thousand foot mountains until late in our descent out would keep us honest. Then the city of Anchorage comes into view.

I guess that I’ll be picking up the bar tab tonight for not cleaning up the aircraft.


LOL…that was funny.

Mmm…I’m jelly of that GTN in the panel. Looks great! Nice leg, you caught some good weather in Anchorage…!


A belated “made it”…

Torn down Christmas decorations, scattered party streamers and the obligatory left over four pack of Stones Bitter indicate I’m very late to the party.

And not in the DC-3 I set out with.

I’ll write up the legs later. :slight_smile:


I just finished flying around the world and, uh, boy are my arms tired. BudUM ba!

SurfinTucsonXP instpired me to go ahead and bring it all the way around from Christmas Island so, in a round about way, I did.

This is the route:

Although there are a few missing details, that’s pretty much it. 31,800+ nm!

Flying out of Sapporo Japan.

Good times flying into Eareckson!

Needed a change of pace so I flew this guy to Adak. Check the fuel gauges!

Can’t wait to get some fried oysters at Ivars!

Another change of pace heading for Portland.

I took the 737 to KSFO out of Portland. Fog and rain all the way in made an interesting approach.
Did some more flights in X-Plane after that in GA aircraft to Flagstaff and on to sedona and Denver.

This was coming out of Denver, headed for home!

Going to Pennrige; that’s about 3 miles from my house. Hope this isn’t too dark for you.

This last landing at Pennridge was one of the trickiest of all of my flights. Once again it might be too dark, but there was a significant cross wind and there are trees that you have to drop down over before touching down.
This shot might look like I’m flying to intercept the centerline still, but the velocity vector is runway heading; I’m off center-line for sure.


Damn, I feel like this is the extreme TLDR version we’ve just got! Feel free to post more shots and stories of your flight, it sounds like a great adventure!


Wow…! You’ve earned your wings on that one! Nice job…


Location still match :wink:

Dooh! :grimacing: :smile:


Its great to be again at the Xmas airport and had read all the reports from your flights guys :+1:

I think I will stuck here for a while still. Will wait for some of you MIA pilots :slight_smile:

I have to figure out what with all that AV-GAS in the end.


So… where are we going this year?



That’s a nice destination, but that will probably take around 6 years without time compression.


I’ve been thinking on it…! A destination will be announced soon!


Better get my SimBox NG ready, and join in this year!


Any hints? It would be great if I could get started while my work schedule is relatively light… :wink: .
I also need time to go shopping for the expedition (scenery, airplanes, more scenery etc)… lol.

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Been thinking on this…and this is what I came up with… Open to suggestions as always of course!