The Official 4th Annual Mudspike Christmas Flight - 2018 Edition



Mumble mumble bah humbug mumble mumble. I’ll be at the bar… :wink: .


Agreed Paul. It’s amazing the types of aircraft that were conceived and developed in the 2 decades following the end of WW2. Doing some follow-up reading on the Vulcan after your previous flight, I found this BBC documentary fascinating.


Nice route and nice last leg…! Thanks for sharing your journey…


Thanks for sharing another incredible journey. I share your enthusiasm for space, but probably not so much for the math of it :rofl: I did surprise my mother as a young boy when I went to the library (what are those???) and checked out a book on orbital mechanics.

Have a great 2019! Good luck with the new job posting…


I Highly recommend the following books. Valiant boys, Victor boys and vulcan boys if you even have a passing interest in the subject of the development of the v bomber’s. The author Tony blackman was an avro test pilot and is a fantastic writer. Well worth a read.
I have a slight obsession with the Victor… And by slight I mean huge.


Thanks for the link Dan. That was interesting to watch. The 1950’s would have been exciting times to be a pilot I think. Progress was being made at such a rapid pace during that period.

My time in the RAF (1990-1999) was at an interesting time when it came to types used. We had the Phantom, Buccaneer, Nimrod, Tornado GR1, Tornado F3, Harrier GR5/GR7, Jaguar, Victor K2, Hawk T1/T1A, Tucano, C130, and Dominie (HS125). The Vulcan and Victor had been retired only a short time before I joined up. Now, only the Tornado is still in service as the GR4, soon to be retired, as well as the C130 (much like the B52, I suspect I’ll probably be retired before they leave service)…

Enough of my reminiscing on a previous life. Seems like yesterday though.


No! More please! I could read about and listen to RAF anecdotes till the end of time! My stepfather was a dog handler at brize norton and never went near an aircraft as far as I can tell, even his stories are amazing!


Hmm… well lets see what I can come up with. I’ll post on a separate thread though…


Looking forward to it Paul. :slight_smile:



Don’t expect anything too exciting from me. I was just a lowly Senior Aircraftman who made tea and coffee in the tower. :wink:


I drive eggs around in a lorry with a 25 foot chicken painted on the side in the dark with a bit of real flying in the summer! Trust me your stories are the ones we want to hear! Looking forward to it!


That’s ok, Someones gotta do it. :sunglasses:
No matter the person’s rank it seems everyone who served has at least one absolutely hilarious, screwball, or downright WTF story from there time in the military.



Doh, I’m still on FSX, maybe it’s time to make the plunge to Xplane or P3D. Decisions, decisions,…


You should give X-Plane 11 a try. It is on sale through Steam right now for just under $40 (usually $59).




@Victork2 Just a bit of a coincidence. The other day I found my very first attempt at oil painting. It has been packed away with all my old engineering study notebooks, because that is when I did it (1994).

Guess what?

Yeah, I was more of a pen and ink specialist, but thought I would try oils. This was the only one I did on paper, with primer applied to it first. After that I did a few more oils, on canvas. But this was the only aircraft I painted in oils. I know it isn’t great, but as you are a fan of the type, I hope you like it. :slight_smile:


You have some serious talent there CP! Do you still do any pen and ink work?


@Cygon_Parrot - that is excellent!

One thing to consider is that the details/summary tag seems to hide content for emails subscribers (a bug) so wanted to let you know. We actually have quite a few ‘email lurkers’ that just like to receive a summary of stuff happening here. I need to sort out how the details/summary reveal thing will work for that.


WOW! you are hugely talented! Thanks for posting that it’s an incredible painting you should be very proud of your work!
Plus the K2 in the hemp colour is a gorgeous monster

I think yours looks like it has much more life in it!


ŠNR 2019 ! ( Happy New Year '19 )

To all that reached destination and also to all others ( including me :slight_smile: ).
I got stuck very early on my trip. Distracted by irl stuf and my new 4k monitor ( flying all the DCS I was omiting lately ).

I hope I will slowly continue on this virt adventure in 2019 as it will be shame to skip it completly.