The Professionals - No Operation planning in Progress

The save within HQ perimiters was broken in an earlier release of Antistasi. Glad to read it has been fixed!


Me too! @TeTeT Looks like there’s a new hotfix and the server hasn’t updated, maybe?

Sorry to be a bother.

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Hi WarPig, not a bother at all! I had hoped that my update yesterday afternoon was sufficient, but seemingly not. I’ve did the steamcmd dance for the arma3 update once more, server is restarting now. Be aware that there will be a mandatory restart in 45 minutes as well.



Thanks, you’re awesome!

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I did a quick jump in and discovered Agios K. (West of our HQ) was lost to the AAF again.

Took my trusted Sniper .408 and annihilated the entire police force.
Recovered the town, a nice stash of SMGs, and handguns.
:sunglasses: Hell yeah.

EDIT: Ok, one more run… taking another town (just loaded with infinite gear - this is dangerous)

EDIT 2: Topolia is ours too now.

EDIT 3: Darn we lost it again…


TheJohnnyBol got on the night before last and I was supposed to join him but got kept away.
He said not long after he logged in there was a massive combined-arms counterattack (4 MBTs) that took back the twin outposts on the hilltop to the NE and an attack helo strafed our base, killing the chopper. I was hoping he was joking, but haven’t been able to get on and see for myself.

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Yeah I think that’s actually the case…

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Ooof. That’s a set-back. Might be time to consider relocating our base if it gets any more attention.

There was a pretty strong garrison there split between the two bases, with some static AT IIRC. Wouldn’t have thought they would easily take both of them like that.

ETA: Looks like the roadblocks established for behind-the-frontline security have been destroyed as well, leaving Syrta open to attack from the north.

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Yeah indeed. Also I lost Topolia because instead of Police, it was garrisoned by actual Mechanized infantry.
I didn’t lose anything of value, actually I managed to steal some stuff, but they were too many and too well armed to keep the town. The counterattack had me fleeing the scene.

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TheJohnnyBol and I coordinated a platoon-sized attack on the two previously-lost outposts I’m dubbing “The Two Towers”, and managed to re-take them tonight with minimal (AI) casualties. Actually none in the initial assault (two AI mortars provided fire support and we walked right in behind their firemissions to execute the survivors). Then the AAF directed a pair of COIN attack aircraft to perform strikes on our newly-won hilltop, but both were brought down by human MANPAD fire after only making one successful run.

The AAF got serious for a moment with a huge amount of mortar fire which caused several AI casualties, but somehow one of the AI units caught word that it was being fired from the airport to the north (complete with a grid reference) and so we directed both of our mortars to perform counterbattery fire and beat it into submission.

TheJohnnyBol then Commandeered a captured Lynx helicopter to use as logistics transport and retrieved both arsenal crates, but suffered a Class-A mishap while attempting to land, which he blames on a mysterious combination of VRS and Starlink internet…

No further AAF counterattacks were attempted, and so we reinforced garrisons and spent some time setting up black market static weapons to defend the hilltop. The northeastern outpost (with the two helo pads) has an incredible line of sight, allowing one to observe half of the island- all the way to the large outpost tower that overlooks the main airport. Rebel forces now have some Titan emplacements (of both flavors, AT & AA) pointing that direction.

We were both rather busy, so I hardly took any screenshots until the fight was over. Rear-area security has been re-established in the form of roadblocks watching the back side of Syrta, and any understrength garrisons have been replenished. I think we’re back on the front foot, for now.

We might consider spending some cash to bring in additional foreign ‘contractors’ to continue training our fighters, but I didn’t want to spend any more than we had without input from High Command. They’re pretty good against the AAF now, but intelligence suggests we’re going be face to face with CSAT forces soon.


Absolutely stellar work!

I’m thinking too about moving the HQ…

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You’re absolutely correct, thank you!

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If all goes well I might have a few hours from 2023-09-23T20:30:00Z to execute a plan.

My idea is something simple to gain one more “step” and then react to the inevitable counterattack.

Theoretically speaking I’d like to see us gaining control of the southern Power station.

Would you be ok @WarPig ?

Initial plan is Stupid Simple: I snipe a good half of the garrison, then you come in with a couple of Fireteams reinforced with AT/AA and seize it.

Sniping with a Thermal sight is super easy even out at 700 meters plus, and I could take out the few AT/AA enemy foot infantry, weaken the chain of command, and then any outlook/guards.

If we had a third human he could direct the “Finger of God” ( Truck mounted mortar section :wink: )

Having conquered the Radio towers gives us a great advance warning for any incoming CAS or Armor company, which your AT/AA would make short work of.

Doubts, questions, perplexities?

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Sounds like a great plan! I should be able to get on around that time on the 23rd.

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If you have a spare minute… do you have any screenshot with a close up of this spot?

I have a little time on my hands and I could try to sketch the plan with a little more details…

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Initial Planning-W.I.P.

-= Operation : RAPID MUSTANG =-

Night attack aimed at the conquest of the Power Station on grid 15/04
Sniper on the hill
Infantry with full complement of AT/AA shoulder fired missiles, and one mortar element truck-mounted
More TBD

Stupid simple - Sniper on the hill, 700 meters north of the target structure, provides initial OPFOR assessment, spotting and opening fire with the intent of decimating the local enemy garrison.
Previous reconnaissance noted no vehicle available to the garrison, but past BLUFOR experience reports that the nearest Compound/Outpost will send out a strong counterattack to either defeat a lagging attack or re-take the structure.

Sniping with significant delay between shots allow for effective, precise, and lethal fire to the point of near enemy extinction. A sniper needs to reposition between shots plus cannot also conquer and hold the target so when the defending garrison is sufficiently weakened friendly troops will move with expedite aggression and defeat the remaining opposition and prepare for the enemy reinforcement action.


  • The enemy is regular army foot mobile and they are easy to visually identify from the locals.
    Full ballistic protection is strongly suggested, as the enemy is sporting full combat gear - we have unlimited amount anyways.
  • Free choice of weapons.
  • Free choice of a side arm.
  • No risks of collateral deaths and/or damage, so free choice or grenades or explosive payload. Careful with orders to avoid Blue on Blue.
    Just a grenade each and a couple smoke ones.
  • Two yellow medikit each suggested.
  • A Loot Box for collecting our rewards and Technical kit in the car to fix it in case some stray bullets hit some sensitive parts…
    (it’s a Professional operation after all, anything could happen :laughing:).
    More TBD


  • The direction of advance is TBD
  • Rules Of Engagement TBD

Final note: none of these points are set in stone and as such, feel free to suggest or debate them. :+1:
I might be a Professional but I do not do this for a living. :wink: Luckily.


My Steam library is showing an 11.4GB patch for ArmA3 pending.


Season 5 What GIF by The Office

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Flying today but I’ll be glad to do some photo reconnaissance this evening.

I like the plan, have some thoughts I’ll expand on when I get an opportunity this evening.


Quick jump in… an hour or so

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