The return of the Monkey Island KING!

Ron Gilbert, the original writer and director of “The secret of Monkey Island” has FINALLY got back the rights to his game and has finished developing the REAL Monkey Island 3!

Return to Monkey Island! (Coming 2022)

They started working on this in absolute secrecy in the 2020- and now it’s almost done.
This game, thankfully, retcon all the other apocryphal games and can finally close the original Monkey Island trilogy as intended!

I’m as happy as I can be!




I admit I did kinda like “The Curse of Monkey Island” but… it just wasn’t like the first two.
I tried the demo of “Escape from Monkey Island” but didn’t like it.

I love part 1 and 2 though. I am pretty sure I could play through them right now since I remember every single puzzle and know half of the dialogues by heart.

Edit: and fun fact: I have the first one on my phone, using scummVM. :rofl:


I have the first one on my phone as well. This is grest news. Can’t wait to see the new one!

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