The Russian Ministry of Information video thread


Somehow…I feel that there should be more safety aspects to this video than a guy hitting the switch and pulling the trigger…but hey…(I’m sure there were…but LOL…it just looks sort of off the cuff…)


Expensive way to chop wood?


I thought the incendiary rounds might start a fire too. An all in one solution to your home heating problems.



Its like the ugly child you just love to bits


man…the Mi-26 tail rotor looks as big as an OH-6 main rotor :smile:


Learned something new today, I didn’t know that the Ka-27 had a variant that could carry weapons.


There’s something that feels so damn functional in russian helicopter design. I suppose it’s meant to operate over a wide range of environments as compared to say an Apache.


I totally get what your saying, though I feel compelled to point out that the Apache was made for a specific mission.


It sure is, but it’s a bit of a maintenance hog!


First show by the Russian Knights in their Su-30s…


Not Russian…and what looks to be a paper mache aircraft… Is that a DJ Phantom EO sensor on the nose? And that canopy looks like it is made of soda bottle quality plastic…


LOL! That is laughable. Wonder what real aircraft is under that fake skin?


Looks like it is made from aluminium with some weird coating on it to be honest. Again, the wing thickness is a real concern when it comes to performance as are those weird intakes.

Also, that nosewheel, is that a free castoring one? the image was a bit grainy but I didn’t see any heatblur from the engines or any jetstream of sorts. Perhaps it doesn’t have functioning engines yet although you’d expect something like the F-5 engines being sufficient for this.

The sensor up front is probably ripped straight from the weaponary already in Iran arsenal.

To be honest, they can do better then this and I wonder why they are banking on such a weird vanity program. If they’d design a light ground attack aircraft they could probably sell it relatively easy to smaller states that want nothing to do with US/Russian programs.


A determined attempt to demonstrate to the populace that the government is able to meet perceived foreign aggressors with comparable technology, thus (attempting) to cement the belief that for whatever (rapidly widening) social gaps there are between the views of the old guard and those of the young, large, moderate population, they are still able to adequately provide for the defense and thus, should enjoy continued support?

That’s my guess. Also explains why they keep building fake aircraft carriers and blowing them up in the Persian Gulf.


That seems probable enough, I wonder how that ruse works for Iran looks pretty stable these days.


“We have always been at war with EastAsia!” Shouted the Big Brother.


Actually when looking at the video and seeing the aircraft from the rear view I was thinking those nozzle diameters looked a lot like the F-5’s nozzles. I actually have a book on the Iranian F-5 fighters which they used during the Iraq-Iran war. I know they had plenty of those fighters back then. If I were to guess and it obviously is a guess, I’d say the aircraft under that skin is an F-5.


I don’t think so, the spar of the wings of the F-5 are tiny, they wouldn’t support this kind of structure. Nor does the landing gear match the F-5’s type/size. So I would say at best that they use the engine configuration and perhaps some control system for it.


I honestly don’t think that aircraft will ever fly. I’d be surprised. It looks like a mock up (and a poor one at that)…