The Russian Ministry of Information video thread


Nah I think it’ll fly. It will never be a production version and probably extremely dangerous(THAT WING AGAIN), but for propaganda purposes it probably will.

I mean, they’ve gone through all this trouble to make something that resembles a aircraft from the outside albeit with a puzzling choice of components.


they could at least have the movie to last 3:13… :rolling_eyes:


I think they took one of the internally produced F-5 from the assembly line and went full balsa-model-apocalypse on it…


While we are all doubting the design, Boeing flew their Bird of Prey, with a similar (not identical!) wing design, top mounted intake and it wasn’t fly by wire (Like the Q313)

I get it but I’m curious as well lol


I don’t think it will fly… You can’t even see through the warped canopy of that thing…


I really want to see it fly though, imagine the sheer terror(of flying it)!


I actually take back that it won’t fly…I do think it will fly in some capacity as a PR video. Sort of like how a Cri-Cri flies despite all appearances of not being able to. I don’t think it will be the one we saw in the initial videos though…the one in the hangar.


Not Russian…but…

Player 4 (5?) (6?) has entered the game…

The new Type 001A looks similar to the Liaoning but it has a larger hangar and increased deck space, meaning it can carry more J-15 fighter aircraft and helicopters than its predecessor. It is also outfitted with more advanced technology, though it retains the oil-fuelled steam turbine power plant and ski-jump style deck for launching its aircraft.


Not a video - but I like the moxie of this Su-25…


There’s an awful lot of window panes in that canopy- a training airframe?


To better see the fish underwater there…!


David Attenborough voice
And you can see here an old Frogfoot male trying to prey unto unsuspecting swamp fishes…


Frogfoots in the DCSish part of the globe.

Of note: I don’t know exactly what they’re shooting at, of all the things that screamed “target” in the video, I didn’t I see one of them actually get hit.


Looks like DCS at 1:58???


I’d guess FC1 based off the model.


Well, I’ll be…

That WAS DCS! D:


Footage from a few years ago with some cool air-to-ground action. Makes you wish we had a lot more smoke drifting over the DCS battlefield…


Il2 BOS has some pretty amazing smoke pillars rising above Stalingrad


This is kind of cool…



Cat Food.