The Russian Ministry of Information video thread


The pilot prepares for this maneuver by placing both feet on the seat and entering the “gopnik” position. With swift back pressure on the stick, the maneuver is initiated. Semechki is injected directly into engines, and hydraulic fluid is replaced with secret mixture of kompot and vodka. A special “hard bwass” audio warning is heard.

The aircrafts fly control system will then enter special sekrit mode and command various portions of known physics to “prozhulst idi nahui”.

At such a time as the pilot deems it necessary to exit the maneuver, the pilot will utter a verbal “anu, cheeki breeki iv damki” command, and the FCS will return to normal operations.


I thought Russian pilots just thought their maneuvers and the plane reads their brains…?


Your just jelly for that lean 27 belly! :wink:




He got a lot of value out of that jump…


LOL! Thermal city! I would’ve loved to have a sailplane aloft over that field!


Slammers for Everybody



Doggo is fangs out, in the control zone and prosecuting for guns kills


Chute retrieving dogs. Ingenious. Why didn’t NATO come up with such an simplistic idea. :thinking:


Love the Russian stuff




Wow! :astonished: pushing wrong button or just a mechanical issue? Must have crapped their pants.


Maybe a V1 abort or something due to an engine failure that they caught late? I can’t believe they’d remove the post-it note of ‘do not press’ in take-off like that.


Will it buff out?


It goes without saying but I am going to say it anyway - They were very lucky to escape the fireball there.



I wanna see what/how many things they were shooting at. A lot of those missiles went in different directions.


They were shooting at one plane with the R-27 obviously.


BeachAV8R, Video is now unavailable.