Things that make your heart sing

My son (Kindergarten) brought this home last week…apparently I fly a caterpillar of some sort…but he did depict a nice fast moving cold front with the blue clouds vs. the black ones…


Lovely. My kids made me a 50th birthday card a few years back when i was still flying gliders. Painted sky, cotton wool clouds, me in a glider, childish handwriting. Treasure.

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Let him ride that high for a few years then squash it like a bug when he’s 10. Tell him that the bad drone monsters will relegate pilots into the evolutionary history bin with teamsters and telegraph operators by the time he’s 30.

Sorry. Was that too harsh? I’m not very good around kids.

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That picture is awesome Beach, and a keeper if there ever was one. My girls are not so inspired yet, but I do take them over to the playground at PDK often. They love pointing to airplanes and helicopters because they know that I am as excited as they are. Maybe the F-35 will be sorted out and not relegated to mothballs by drones by the time one of them graduates :slight_smile:

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By the time he’s ten, he might want to be a truck driving veterinarian like I did. I was fascinated by BJ and the Bear… LOL…

You have a job that kids really like. Who doesn’t want to be a pilot?!