This forum needs more subs

Submarines, that is!

Agreed. I’m working my way through doing an AAR of good ol Dangerous Waters - using a P3-C Orion to hunt Akula’s. Staring at those sonar buoy read-outs is actually more fun than it sounds.

I have family that serve on attack boats, and have been lucky enough to have been on a couple as well. Submariners are a different breed :smile:

All the nuke submariners I know are all very, very angry individuals. I’ve always wondered which way that causal relationship goes…

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For me, the nuke submariners I’ve known always had two things in common: (a) hollow legs when it came to drinking beer and (b) if they had kids they always had girls, especially if they worked in the hot bit of the boat :smile:

We all noticed that going through the training pipeline. One of the reasons I’m glad I went surface- I wouldn’t sleep a wink for many, many years if I ever had daughters.

Getting back on topic, I’ve always found the concept of the SSGN’s fascinating, especially as we’re currently using them- one per ocean, pretty much constantly out to sea, waiting for something to happen. I often wonder if there’s a better way to utilize them, or if that’s driven by things we don’t know about.

SSGNs kick some serious butt!

Those big ol’ missile tubes with the capacity for a ton of those fancy Tomahawks (154 total), twin diver lockout chambers, the Hunt For Red October mini subs, plus all the stuff we don’t know about…

I’m really looking forward to reading about these boats and what ops they’ve done in a future Blind Man’s Bluff tell-all book.

In that vein, I really am curious how much their capabilities compare to, say, the Halibut or the first Seawolf, or even the Jimmy Carter. I remember hearing instructors of mine saying that the 688 boats were terrible for special operations because of their seakeeping characteristics, which was why Parche, Richard P. Russell, and Narwhal were kept in service for so long. The Ohios are heck of a lot bigger than even the Carter, so I would imagine there would be issues with them being too close into shore or in shallow waters.

The OHIOs were definitely designed and built as blue water boats, maybe that’s where the long legs of the Tomahawk and the ASDS come in?

The Kamehameha and Polk were big ships, too, but seemed popular with the SpecOps crowd up until the late 90s.

Or perhaps the SEALs just stock up on Dramamine now. :wink: