This is an interesting article from WW2 Pilots perspective we all need to read

I often used to do battle, road racing battle and some race track battle on Motorcycles, over the years grew fond of the big 4 Japanese Bike factories, especially Suzuki who gave me my best reliable times and thus became brand loyalty … we have all become guilty of this one way or the other, stereos and more, but in reality, they were all as good as each other.

I wonder how much of this is true with following article, there simply has to be bias involved here, respect these vets, of course I do, but their opinions oppose each other to the bias they originate from, they just never knew it.


I think so too… I mean, testing the enemys hardware and stating it is superior, would be bad for morale.
Another thing is that I find in that article is that they weren’t really familiar with the enemy fighters they tested, complaining about this and that. Had they been flying it for a longer period of time, they would probably learn how to operate it more efficiently.
One of the biggest issues, for me, when switching aircraft types in real life, is unlearning the old one… We get set in our ways, and doing something in another way is seen as a worse way. That’s until the new way becomes the old way :wink:
Interesting read though.


The more astonishing it is to read Eric Brown’s reports about the axis planes he tested, he has quite a lot of positive things to say about them, IIRC including in what they were superior to the planes he had already flown.


He did most of that testing at the end of, and after, the war. I’m guessing that gave him plenty of time to get to know the aircraft he tested. That and the fact that nobody tested more aircraft than he did…ever :wink:

I’ll never forgive myself for prioritizing last stage negotiations over going to see, hear and meet ‘Winkle’ at a conference dinner, once.
Sometimes sucks to be a union rep. :roll_eyes:

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