This is messed up

Spotted this card among the Father’s Day cards at my local drugstore…that is just so many levels of wrong!!

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“Who’s scruffy lookin’?”

Only one of his kids turned out bad, the other seemed nice. :wink:

Sounds like a Chinese attempt at English and Western pop culture.

BTW Beech, you weren’t out shopping for Father’s Day cards for yourself again, were you?

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Yep, there is a ‘doge’ quality about it.

Much Nerf Herder

                            Such Parsecs

    Very I Know

Of course I was. And you know what I put in them? Sweet, sweet Steam cards… Something every father would want…


Doesn’t look like this is a one off, it must be contained…

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Hallmark Greetings:

Give your father the gift of a card that truly speaks to your feelings. Search your feelings. And when you hand it to him, don’t be surprised when he lops off your hand at the wrist. Hallmark. For any occasion.

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