Throttle issues (maybe)

I have issues tonight. My virpil throttle only works for increasing power but when I pull power back it works like a switch.
I feel this is a DCS problem as my TM throttle isn’t working at all. But my pedals work (connected to the throttle) also my mouse wheel zoom is inop.

I’ve verified, repaired, restarted, unplugged and now I’m scratching my head.

Any ideas?

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  • as usual…I have nothing useful to contribute…

Ironically I was gearing up for a heli night with @ScoopD and @smokinhole but now I can’t push or pull for power lol


Is it ok in Windows Calibration for the device?

To wolf-fence (:wolf: :person_fencing:) it to being just DCS or not, if you rename the directory…

Users\[username]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\Input\

…to something else, and then restart DCS, if you rebind is it still bust?

If it’s OK once rebound then we might be able to find out which DeviceID went bad and then just copy back the good ones. DCS seems fairly forgetful of IDs, especially if Windows assigns a new one just because some USB device started up before another (which makes it seem random).


Just a note on this.
Use the windows game controllers (joy.cpl) to check if it’s working, but don’t use it to calibrate the controller.

Download the latest VPC software, which has a much more detailed controller test software.
I haven’t heard of this problem before, but there are a lot of stuff that we can do, like recalibrating in the Virpil Controller setup software or reinstalling firmware, etc.
I’ll be happy to walk you through it.


i sorted it at 0100 this morning,

USB drivers updated and it all started working.


i was sure it was DCS causing the problem as the mouse wheel was working outside of it. but obviously not. weird. took me ages to think of usb drivers as i did them fairly recently

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