Through the Inferno Server DCS

Been having a good time on here lately. Usually pretty active, they have Simple Radio Standalone setup, and the missions are challenging (lots of stuff to kill, CSAR, etc.) I highly recommend it for someone looking for a good PVE Co-op server.


Seconded - though I’ve not been on for a while now, I also use it for SP missions.

How do you do it single player? (This could take a turn for the worse)

I think you can just load up any mission that would go in a MP server rotation into the single player version of DCS i.e. ‘Missions’. If it’s got ‘Client’ slots then you can pick the one when starting the SP mission via a pop up menu and then fly it alone.

Yes - that’s how I do it.

Ive got the misison loaded up in single player, and i’m in an admin slot, but the -flag commands are not working. Is there something i need to do to make the scripts work in single player?

Well I certainly didn’t - I just loaded it up. picked an aircraft and off it went. No further action necessary.

I’ll give it another look.

OK, I just flew a quick mission in the Su-25 and it worked perfectly all the way through.

Remember that you have to choose a LEAD aircraft for the triggers to be enabled. If you choose a PILOT aircraft, nothing will happen.

You can change from the lead after the mission has kicked off.

Edit: This is the one I am using:

DCS_1.5_TTI_(Northern_Region).miz (1.6 MB)

New vid

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Really recommend this one - good gameplay

Fancy map

Good ping on the norcal one for me.


Yeah I like that mission. I like the AI JTAC and drone.