Thrusmaster; How do I?

Hi fellas,
I’m stuck with a problem that’s plagued me for a while. I can no longer hide my shame so I seek assistance.
I’m using TARGET on a Warthog. I can’t for the life of me figure out a 2 part command. When I try to program say “Rt Ctrl R” all I get is Ctrl. I’ve tried everything I know but I’m stuck.

Please help


Easy, just use the virtual keyboard next to the entry box. Don’t forget to click save to exit the virtual keyboard. Not at my pc, so terminology may not be accurate.

Paging @HomeFries

HomeFries not needed. You know, “teach a man to fish”.


Then enter the command by clicking on the appropriate keys, and click SAVE KEY COMMAND.

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Sorry, that does not work. I have been trying that before… Uhmmm. I go to virtual Keyboard Hit Rt Ctrl and Home then when I go to the game and move the throttle(example) all I get is Rt Ctrl… Nothing else… I have to program these as pulse commands or else I get nothing at all.

OK, you said RCTL R in your original post. But I programmed RCTL Home and it works fine for me. Not sure what step you are missing. Before you launch DCS, does your event tester look like this?


Yes Sir, it does but in DCS I get RCTL

OK, that’s good. Sounds like you are programing correctly. I wonder if it is an issue with how the throttle comes off of the Off position? Anyway, in the F-15C for example, I program the ENG OPER toggle switches in front of the right throttle for engine start. It works pretty well. Maybe try that? My throttle is set to stop engines when the throttle moves to the stop positions.

Start programming:

I’ll attach my F-15C profile so that you can get ideas on how I programmed the throttle and those engine start switches.

CHIP_F-15C - (6.2 KB)

CHIP_F-15C-VR Layout (794.2 KB)

Thanks Man, that is very kind of you. If for example I program A to be my IDLER OFF and B to be IDLER ON, I have no problem. I like seeing the Throttle do that in the sim. But two part commands (i.e. Alt R) No way. I have been chasing this Dragon FOR YEARS.

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Its all good, it works with single commands.

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