Thrustmaster Cougar replace pots with Hall wiring

If you have a UB2NXT sitting around and need to finally install into your Cougar flight stick…

here is the correct wiring to J5 and J6 three pin connectors on the pcb.

PCB 1 Pots brown wire --------------- to RED wire of Hall sensor (+)
PCB 2 Pots Red wire ---------------- to White wire of Hall sensor (output)
PCB 3 Pots orange wire --------------- to Black wire of Hall sensor (ground)

I just picked up another Cougar set… the shipper did not pack correctly and the stock
gimbals roll shattered into three:<) I have a set of IAN’s Gimbals UB2NXT so I ordered the Hall sensors
I already have a set of Cougar with Mile’s sensors… I am keeping both:<)


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Hello Stryker,
Can you please advise where you ordered the Hall sensors from (that suit Ian J’s UB2NXT gimbal mod).

Thanks, John

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I don’t think we have anyone nefarious on the forums, but you might want to keep any identifying personal information to PMs as a precaution.

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@Stryker and @lvlender - I recommend that you guys take this to a PM message instead of posting personal details on an open forums … just in case nefarious types are watching.

I am going to remove the relevant replies.

I need to test the cougar and flash it to make certain everything works… I have the original box for it. I should be able to
test it by Thursday and give you a price. Roland

Hi Roland,

have you got the price on the TM Cougar Yet? Send me a Private message.