Thrustmaster Hornet grip

Spotted by JefHam222 on the ED forums, it looks like TM will finally be releasing their F-18 grip for the Warthog in June (Amazon DE)

Just in case anyone else is a compulsive grip collector like me.


Progress! I’ll believe it when I have one in my hands, but this does look promising.

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I do hope that pricing isn’t correct…


It’s Thrustmaster - always expensive for what they are :wink:

Still pretty spendy, when one considers that the also lists the warthog flightstick w/ base for only $60 euros more.

I’m still buying one.

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I know I’ll more than likely end up buying one but I’m a bit salty about the price. Either way, I’ll resort to playing the waiting game to see if B&H or Amazon US drops it on sale or at a discounted price.

If I didn’t have an addiction, I would be pressing the [NEXT] button right about now. It might be time for me to join Simaholics Anonymous. :crazy_face::wink:

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You can dial the “SA” network from any Hornet MPCD - never feel alone in your addictions!


Run wallet RUNNN!!! Now get down … now cover yourself w sand…
Oh it’s useless!! I’ll be getting this…


I posted this over on the ED forums: I decided to jump in and it turns out that the total price for the cheapest shipping option to the US is $203. Not great but not terrible either, and will be the fastest vector to getting an F/A-18 grip in my greedy hands.


Oh great, we have three threads for the TM Bug grip, must be true then :wink:

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I know this is an older thread, but I am hoping to get in contact that has the Thrustmaster F-18 grip in-hand. I have some questions about it. If you have one and are willing to spend a little time answering questions, please DM me.

Dr Hender