Thrustmaster MFD Chat Preservation

For those interested in pimping your MFDs.


Touchbuddy, by the looks of things is no longer being worked on and the webpage is down.

Helios looks like the other alternative. Its has gone to donateware, found below.

Some videos

The Thrustmaster MFDs are pretty cool, but kind of specific.

They’re easy to set up and intuitive to use in aircraft that have similar MFDs, like A-10C or F-16. They can be adapted to work in other aircraft, like as an ABRIS interface to the Ka-50, but otherwise you need to make up custom panels that describe what buttons you have mapped. @WreckingCrew has some really good examples of this that I hope he can share.

Secondly, the devices are frames with buttons only, no screens. If you want to add a screen, you need to take another display device (like an 8" monitor or a tablet) and then tweak the device and your simulation program to get the display working the way you want it to. This is not plug-and-play. And it is most definitely not cheap.

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It sure is nice when it works though. This is a crappy iphone video I did just flipping through a few menus of the A-10 after I just got the MFDs:

(Yes, I filmed vertically. Shame on me.)

Has anyone tried hooking up a tablet as a display for this? That would eliminate the cost of the screen estate for me. I tried using a program called Xdisplay Wired but the the latency was just to slow to be useful (4000ms) I heard a lot of people recommend iDisplay, but they don’t seem to have a test version and it costs €10.

@fearlessfrog, how do we add “vertical video” to our censorship filter?


@near_blind did you manage to get the dimensions for me?

I haven’t even made it home yet, lol.

Here you go



Inner diameter appears to be 109x109mm. Outer is 138x138mm. As best I can tell with the ruler that props up my keyboard.

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thanks a lot!

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this thread may also be of some use to people:

after a getting a proper flight seat made this is my next project.


Some other monitor options: