Thrustmaster T-Flight lubrication?

For those that have them - what do you recommend lubricating the steel guides for the pedals with? I noticed mine are sort of getting some friction in them (almost feels like plastic on plastic). I don’t want to add anything that will gum up the works. Some sort of dry graphite lubricant?

Graphite is conductive. I say lithium grease.

Maybe they just need the pet dander scrapped off the rails.

Super Lube 21030 Synthetic Grease (NLGI 2), 3 oz Tube

I’m gonna order that…then print out the invoice in 60 point font and leave it on my desk for my wife to see…


I would suggest ball bearing grease. Make sure there’s no acidic compounds in them, lithium is a good one imho.

Clean the old parts first. Mixing different types of grease can lead to negative results

LOL. I never thought of it as an aphrodisiac, but perhaps I should order the T-shirt.