Thrustmaster T flight pedals


Does anyone here use the Thrustmaster Tflight rudder pedals… if so I need to know what the height measurement is, when not in use I want to slide them under my desk, but have limited space.



I’m coming up with 7 1/4" from the bottom of the base to the top of the pedal. That is with the pedals not depressed of course, and I don’t think you’d want to store them compressed (like strapped down). If you did strap them down, you’d be at 6 1/2" or so…


thanks for info, will have to think about something else for storage… the space in limited to about 5" and I hate unplugging stuff if i can help it. :sob:


I went though two sets. Both spiked badly with a week or two. Both returned. Buyer beware.


Actually I have a set that I just replaced with some Crosswinds. I’d like to give the TM’s away to somebody who may only be using a twist stick and wants to try rudder pedals. That said, the new owner must realize that the brakes only work out of the right pedal now instead of right and left. Typically didn’t create too much issue with airplanes in ED though as I just mapped right and left brake to the right brake pedal and brakes were applied evenly.


Well I ended up picking up a set of logitec pro flight pedals… so far very nice, but muscle memory is a pain to overcome, I have been using at twist stick for about the last 6 years so its almost like learning to fly from scratch. So I thought the huey (probably being the most rudder dependent module) was the place to start. getting the hang of it but I still have to think " the nose is turning use feet now" … lol