Thrustmaster TPR Pedal damper Mod?

Thrustmaster TPR Pedal damper Mod … Troll, need your help :slight_smile:

These pedals are awesome IMHO, but no force around centre area no matter the setting of the springs seems to be their biggest let down, so its either find stronger springs or do a damping mod that I seem to remember you did for these pedals too.

Been looking at some Motorcycle steering dampers, a U bracket to bolt to base on Ebay, you tried it vertical and diagonal as I recall?

I want the pedals to still return to centre position reasonably fast with a damper fitted … I wonder, do you have the exact spec of damper, source, even bolt sizes/lengths ETC you used on yours and any other tips for a mod of this type please?

Looking at a few Motorcycle steering dampers on Ebay just now but would like to take the guesswork out of it for size, length, damping ETC :slight_smile:

Really want to do this as part of my constant refinement of my FS controls :slight_smile:


Sure! Let me look at what I got and get back to you.

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Thanks Troll, appreciate it :slight_smile:

Damn! Forgot about this.

Here’s the damper I’ve got.

And, as you know, here are the pics from my mod.

You basically need to make a bracket for the base and get a longer screw to replace the bolt in the T bar. You also need to make a distance that moves the damper away from the mechanism. A couple of nuts, or a bunch of washers will do.

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@B12 if you need a damper off a bike I’m fairly sure I’ve got one off of a Gsx-r 750k2 kicking around if I can find it. I’ll let you know and I’ll measure it

EDIT: in my haste to offer assistance I forgot it wont be and adjustable damper so may not be suitable but I’ll have a look anyway

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Thanks Guys. Troll that’s exactly the same damper I have on my Ebay watch list !

Let me know what you have Victor and perhaps we can do a deal, might be best for me to go for same damper Troll has though as that definitely works :mudspike:

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Damper ordered from Ebay, great pedals but a bit lively around centre position … a much needed mod I’d say to other users of these pedals.

Thanks for the info Troll, can work out the other bits n bobs ETC now … used to work in oil rig fabrication business, if I cant make this mod work it would be an embarrassment :slight_smile:

Thanks too Victor for offer … I think this damper is suitable for a GSXR600, its the adjustable clamp aspect I liked, pretty sure its the same one Troll uses.

After this I’m pretty sure these rudder pedals will be nigh on perfect for my usage.

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The damper I have found but as i mentioned its not adjustable. Never mind I’m glad you sorted one @B12
Put some pics up when you’ve nodded your pedals :smiley:

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Will do :mudspike:

As feedback, finally knuckled down to do my own TM TPR rudder pedal damper mod.

Thanks to Troll for advice and inspiration.

Actually finding a suitable Motorcycle steering damper was a bit of a task, Ebay dealer I bought from sent me a tracked parcel that ended up with a fancy hippy necklace … oh lordy, after much communication we got it sorted out, then was offered the correct item, then a day later, it was out of stock … but we have a different colour combo version instead? yes I replied, that will be fine … are you sure they replied?, we will have all black one in a few weeks, eventually and without more ado, confirmed to them, any colour would be fine … they never knew what I wanted the damper for though I suppose, it was marketed as a Motorcycle steering damper after all :slight_smile:

Damper finally arrived a few days ago and set about modifying my TM TPR pedals too … gave it an hour ish to complete, took a fair bit longer to be honest, knew a wee bit of drilling would be involved, but shimming things up with sleeves/washer spacers ETC took me longer than I thought while hunting parts down from my spares, wanted zero play in all movement and that’s how it ended up thankfully :slight_smile:

After careful measurement of damper movement to pedal pendulum movement, my solution is slightly different to Troll’s, (because of different damper lengths and specs I’m sure) wanted full calibration yaw axis movement still too … and took ages to do what I did, deliberating over it, but I still have the full pedal yaw movement and the damper still has about 5mm to 8mm of travel at each end of rod to spare … I guess full damping force runs out before then? but that’s OK, its around the centre position I wanted it to work best and that it does.

It was with much trepidation I took to taking the drill to my my TM TPR rudder pedals though, but oh hell … in for a penny, in for a pound, nothing ventured is nothing gained I suppose :slight_smile:

Thats my pedal warranty out of the window I know :slight_smile:

Am happy to say after last nights testing and on an hour or so in ROF this morning, it works wonderfully, damper is lowest friction still, rudders do not spring back to center as I might have hoped, TPR pedal springs are still on lowest tension though, know of some stiffer springs that might pull it back quicker if needed … but so far, its working out very well.

I was getting lazy, keeping my feet off the pedals mostly … and even during co-ordinated turns, now I have my foot on each pedal at all times and as it should be, so the pedal spring to center is now no longer an issue … tried many sims last night with my new pedal damper mod, everything shows a benefit … Helicopter hover on the spot precision is dramatically improved, especially … these TM TPR’s are brilliant pedals IMHO, but way too flighty and feisty around center position, they should have come with a damper as stock for the price of them IMHO.

What a difference a damper mod makes, really :slight_smile:


Nice job there, @B12!
It really does make a difference!


It certainly does Troll, they are like different pedals altogether now, essential mod IMHO :slight_smile:

Notice you did a toe brake force mod on them too I think? not found that necessary yet, but may follow suite soon, thanks again for your help and inspiration on this mod.


I just added an arm and a spring to increase the resistance of the toebrakes. Would like dampers there as well…


Hey. Quick question (maybe). So I saw some use a similar ‘piston’ as part of a helicopter collective build. Is the ‘steering damper’ above is a centering mechanism, something adding resistance (or both) or something that ‘holds position’. I am assuming that for the collective build, the person was using a similar device as above but instead it would ‘hold position’. Know what I mean? What would such a thing be called?

This kind of damper is a motocycle steering damper. It jist resists movement in either direction.
What you are looking for is perhaps a lockable damper.

Does it just resist movement or does it resist movement to centre? A lockable damper seems like a thing that you adjust and then lock. I think that the on the collective, they were looking for something that would hold position.

This was the post I was remembering. I didn’t realize that they were using two before, and I thought it was just one.

Could that be achieved with a combo of the damper and disconnecting the centering springs?


I am wondering if I can adapt this to build a collective. It’s been an idea floating around in my head for years :slight_smile:

The one I and @B12 use here doesn’t have centering. You could use that and tighten the friction until it holds the collective.

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