Thunderbirds at Robins AFB

My brother Bill shot some really nice photos of the Thunderbirds, who were at Robins AFB last weekend. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it, but will try to catch them at Wings Over North Georgia in Rome at the end of the month.


Cool…the HDR actually works for me with this one…the tank standing in front of that jet looks like he came off a WW2 poster or something…

The aircraft photos are great - very good job. I’m just glad there were no volleyball ones. :wink:

I found Governor McCrory in our member roll @Navynuke99 (sorry…locals only joke…)

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Yeah, I asked him about the filters. Lightroom HDR plus “some others that I downloaded from the Internet”.

The ramp rats undoubtedly do double duty as gym rats. They must have a new strength and conditioning coach.


I guess when you’re good enough to fly the #3 slot, you earn the right to give gangsign.