TM Cougar TQS


So, with BMS 4.34 out now, am thinking about breaking out my old TM Cougar TQS … used with my TM Warthog stick/Virpil base, ETC.

The TM Warthog .stick is near as dammit a good F-16 stick, the TM Cougar TQS is still the most realistic throttle control for this sim.

I’ll need one of those TUSBA adapters, that can be arranged , but also, the old TM Cougar TQS had a weak brake switch, they would always get broken … guess what?, mine is still broke, is there a fix for this these days … also, is there a hall sensor mod for just the Cougar TQS? to be fair I think my TQS is fine that way still, but a hall sensor mod would be better :slight_smile:

Falcon 4 was always one of my most favourite sims, with the recent release of BMS 4.34, would really like to get into it again.

Would really like to fix that brake switch if anyone knows, please?


The old Cougar World article is still up.

I have plans for my TQS handle. I will swap the ANT and RNG pots for encoders and rewire the handle for a teensy2 controller and MMJoy2 firmware, like I’ve done on my other projects.
You could do the same, if you like. That way you wouldn’t need a TUSBA. I’d even show you. :wink:
Here’s a great article about a guy who did something similar.


This project sounds good mate, would like to learn more

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Would we not line up if TM brought back that Throttle?
I can only dream…


The way I’d do it is to use a Teensy2 controller and a few shift registers.

I have some PCBs that are available online. Come to think of it, I need to order new ones.

I could put a package together for you, with controller, magnetic TLE5010 angle sensor (like a hall sensor, only better) and a couple of encoders, to replace the pots for ANT and RNG.

The downside is that it won’t be recognized as a Thrustmaster unit, and you can’t use TARGET to program it, if that’s important to you. I just use the control mapping of each sim, instead.


The brake switch itself is most likely fine as switches are pretty bulletproof, mine failed too I thought but the wiring is very thin and prone to break due to small movement of the switch mount and that was what happened, a quick fix with soldering iron. Have you opened yours to check?

Regarding hall sensors, lookup vipergear, they sell a very good and cheap kit. They also just released a pressure sensor kit that could be interesting if you have an old cougar lying around

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Sounds interesting, pretty sure its just the physical speed brake switch broken here, or the housing for it, would love to revive my TM Cougar TQS