TM Hornet grip mod

Love this grip, its really grown on me … and to think I had doubts when it was first announced!

Its nigh on perfect, however the default POV hat is the castle middle hat, that’s different from the TM Warthog grip and kinda throws me … With my Virpil MT50 grip it had the same problem, my thumb was always going for the wrong hat for POV, opened that grip up and found could not easily move the hats, so unplugged both hats from the sticks small PCB … and lo and behold it worked, 8 way too.

Thought I’d try it with my Hornet grip today, slight difference as the Hornet castle hat is also a push button as well and I wanted to keep that function.

Upon opening the Hornet grip found that the push button function of the castle hat had a separate 2 wire plug to the PCB as well as the normal 4 wire plug both hats share, swapped the 4 wire plugs (only) around … and lo and behold, once again it works just fine, still with 8 way on the POV hat position I prefer.

Quite easy to take this grip apart and put back together again, only tricky part is removing the paddle switch small circlip and getting it back on again, the spring for the paddle switch fits only one way, so care needs to be taken there … but apart from that, easy stuff, 10 minute job, three flat head screws for the top part that are all same length, three allen bolts for the bottom part, with the lowest allen bolt being slightly longer than the other two.

It’s a quality grip is the TM Hornet grip.

I believe the real Hornet and Harrier grips are similar, but the top two hats are reversed as I’ve just done, read that somewhere … I think :slight_smile: But this works best for me, no doubt about it.

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