TM warthog hotas for F/A-18

Hi, I am trying to set up my joystick and am having a few problems
I want to be able to move the radar cursor and desigate/ undesignate target using the micro stick on the right throttle
I believe the correct way to do this is to use the throttle designator controller - horizontal and vertical in Axis commands

However i cannot lock /designate /undesignate the target when i depress the microstick
can you assist and let me know what i need to do?


I assume you have gone back to the button menu and set the button to the proper command. If so…I use that button for target designated/lock (whatever its called) but not the micro stick … I use the…I can’t remember what I use…but its not the micro stick. Still that shouldn’t be an issue.

That is how I set mine up last evening. But my vertical axis is reversed and the microstick button didn’t seem to work and the beer ran out so I have to work on it again today.

Fix is in one of the axis tweaking menus - click Reverse to get it to not be reversed…I know…bassaackwards :slightly_smiling_face:

The more concerning thing is running out of beer. :open_mouth:

Hi thanks I have the vertical axis reversed but can designate/ lock the target by depressing the microstick
I have button 1 linked the ‘enter’

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Is unlock tied to the nosewheel steering button/assignment?

By default the S Key is assigned to Undesignate/Nose Wheel Steer Switch. I have that tied to the Warthog Stick Pinky Button. I use the Paddle Switch as my Shifter/Modifier.

The Throttle Designator Controller - Depress is the Enter Key by default.
It’s assigned to my Throttle Microstick Button and seems to work for capturing a target on the radar, but not always - still getting it sorted. Sometimes when I press it, the radar goes into a narrow scan (?). I am going to try assigning this to my Stick TMS Up; and Undesignate to TMS Down.

The A Key is Autopilot/Nosewheel Steering Disengage, and I have that assigned to the Throttle Autopilot Engage/Disengage Button. I understand there is a mode for tighter steering on the deck - what is that key?

For tighter steering hold down the S Key, afaik.

The Stick’s TMS Up/Down seems to work well for the Throttle Designator Controller to lock/unlock a target from the radar.

@Wes recommended setting the Warthog Mic Forward & Back to COMMS1 & COMMS2. He also showed how to select either radio 1 or 2 and set the ATC and more frequencies to the radio channels. The Mic Switch gets me back into the "" radio menu - COMMS1 or COMMS2 will show at the top of the radio menu. We use Mic Up for Teamspeak.

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