TM Warthog Throttle pinkie finger switch broke

Probably the weakest flip switch of the unit, the base flip switch levers are far more robust.

Hardly used this switch, but with at least one up coming Flight Sim coming up that will need as many inputs as possible hardware wise, thought I’d better fix it, did some research, TM France charge the earth for same replacement, lots of alternatives on DCS forums especially, mostly links to US or mainland Europe sites though, found what I hope is suitable from a UK online shop, ordered two because they were so cheap and free delivery, arrived very fast, not tried it yet, but tried flipping the switch in bag and it feels far more positive than original one was, will fit it soon and report back.

Quite a lot of TM Warthog Throttle users have broken these pinky finger switches, apparently.

Bought from …


I use it for exterior lights on Navy jets in DCS…good info in case mine breaks…I wouldn’t want to be yelled at by the Boss for Lights on Deck. :grimacing:


Here’s another vendor which seems to be quite popular.


Yup. have that Warthog throttle slew hat mod fitted already, well worth it and worth the wait in production line, he’s made 100’s apparently.

Thats worth every penny you spend on it. It elevates the thing from trying to claw its way out of the mediocre bin to peeking into the best-in-class bin.


I actually just purchased one the other day. Won’t get it though for a while, July is the current estimate.

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Mine has been broken for a while now.
Please, document your swap procedure so I can try that too! :smiley:

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The Pinkie finger switch? Yeah, plan to do it this week, will document it and post here.

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Ordered 2, I have 2 throttles. :grin:

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