Top Gun (movie) in 3D VR free...

I don’t know what this is…but I’m gonna be checking it out tonight…! :popcorn: (I guess you have to own Bigsscreen?)

Will this take me back to my youth when me and my friends rode our bikes up to the theater on Ft. Belvoir to catch this flick? Man…I’m gonna need some Sweet Tarts and a Coke…

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Additional info here…

its the same as watching the 3d blu ray in the movie theater environment.

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I think I will be on to watch this

I guess too you are actually in a crowded theater with other actual VR people too? I’m guessing people will throw popcorn… :thinking:

Or someone will bring a baby in VR…

NSFW (language):

I have that TG 3D BR…
You’re saying I can watch it in my Rift…?
Please tell me how!

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Okay… Thanks! I was hoping there would be a ready made BR 3D VR player or something.
Somebody should make one!