Train Sim World 2020

On sale for a few beads

I don’t really understand the difference between this and Train Simulator 2020 (from the same people). Is it just a case of a new graphics engine, and this is the one that lives on, while the other one dies off?

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Just read through the Steam write up an it actually looks interesting, which I didn’t think it would…that said, how long are the routes. The San Fran to San Jose DLC route can’t be that long.

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the routes are around 30km to 60km (not big ones). Good points, unreal 4 graphics (BUT…) and free moving, so you simulate the driver, not the loco, so you can walk around go to other panels etc, its very immersive.
Because the engine and maybe the dtg licensing on this one, only dtg dlcs, so the releases are slow. You have 100s of Schedule trips and some missions.
Bad things: not much contents, sound in weak and low, sometimes low fps because is unreal 4 :smiley: (a bad engine for high fps) and finally a low quality LOD were manytimes you see in few meters from you the diference between close tracks and medium far tracks. THIS is a punch in the immersive, because you drive and are always see in front of you, few meters away a horizontal line were you see good detailed tracks and not so good ones (all this with ultra settings!!!).
If you realy realy loves train sims and buy them is not a matter of not eat your diner for days, buy it, its nice and another approach what is a loco sim. BUT its not my nr1 fav train sim.
For reference I have these train sims: Run8, Diesel Railcar Sim, TSW, TS20, TRS19, Zusi 3, ZDS, OpenRails, Railfan 1+2.

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This one has Messi on the cover. Or Neymar. Or Hazard.

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Great feedback @stavka - thanks!

What is your favourite one?

Unique or top features of each one that make have each installed taking into account that have the others installed:
Run8 - USA Cargo
Diesel Railcar Sim - Dynamic schedules
TSW - Free movement and in some way, nice graphics
TS20 - Contents and Steam locos
TRS19 - Contents and Russian routes
Zusi 3 - German routes, Sound, Immersive, Trip Debriefings, Graphics of what matters, MFDs
ZDS - Complex Electric locos with all switches and internal panels working
OpenRails - Run old MSTS contents
Railfan 1+2 - Visuals, visuals, visuals, immersive and idk if i mentioned, visuals and immersive.

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If you want, find me on steam, nick: stavka5
I can do in live chat more detail reviews of each one if you need/want :wink:

Bar car? :tropical_drink: :woozy_face:

Yes, you can walk like in a first person shooter, you can go to pax wagons, open doors, go outside, etc etc