TrueEarth Great Britain - X-Plane 11

I’ve never tried X-Plane in Europe, as (for no logical reason) tend just to stay around PNW and California. I am hugely tempted by this though - Orbx for X-Plane 11…

I also only really fly tubeliners in XP as well. What would be a recommendation for a good smaller aircraft for me to buy, say a King Air or something dual prop-ish - what’s the best XP11 aircraft in that area?

I think this may be in the X-Plane releases topic already, but couldn’t see it, so here’s a new topic.

Also, is there any way to see what bit of the UK this covers, it is strangely hard to tell from the shop… :uk:


Hmmm…how real are you looking for? You want something you can start up and be flying with the flip of a few switches, or you want something deeper?

And yes that Great Britain South scenery looks very nice. I hope they do something similar to what they’ve done with other Orbx regions in P3D, but my wallet will hate that.


If low and relatively slow is your game, and the ability to get into small spots, then the Twin Otter is nice:

I also love the Bandeirante (even though I can’t spell it):

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I’m aiming for level ‘Mariana Trench’ deepness if at all possible, in that I want to be able to find the SKU on a fuse and then find the factory where they made them. :slight_smile:

I’m basically aiming for something to enjoy the scenery without being at FL340, so essentially just a really good X-Plane aircraft that costs money.

EDIT: Plus VR only, because I like to squint a lot. :vr:


Or, for something a little faster that is at home in British skies, the Just Flight Hawk.

Also available at the store.

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VSkyLabs entire lineup as far as I know is VR ready or has specifically been upgraded to VR ready. Their Tecnam P2006T is really nice and comes in both analogue and G1000 versions:


I’ve heard good things about the Aerobask Eclipse as well:


The Hawk is great for low level… flying the Mach Loop is a blast in VR. :sunglasses: .

Looking at a map of the UK, I am not sure the loop will be included in this package. I saw someone post screenshots on Facebook of Birmingham, but I would guess if it is there, the loop will be right at the northern boundary.

Like you, I mostly fly tubeliners in X-plane. But I am keeping an eye out for this one.


Ok, I’ve got some gifts coming my way. That Tecnam P2006T looks nice until Carenado’s Citation comes out. I’ll probably get the Hawk as well, although worried that the Welsh mountains will not be in the ‘South England’ scenery and can’t find a map of what it supplies :slight_smile:

Thanks gents!


It would be nice if they published a map showing the areas of coverage for each pack (South, Central and North)…

And…they did:

So, the Mach Loop is indeed covered by the Southern region.

I suspect I’ll be buying them all though :wink: .


Cool - thanks Paul.

Looks like it would have the Mach Loop as well, as (I might be wrong here, from memory) it’s about around this wee arrow:

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I’m in the market as well… Think I am going to check out the Tecnam P2006T as well as the Eclipse has a little too much glass :slight_smile:

I am interested in the SAAB 340A … Might get that in a month or so.

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Yes, that’s where it is at! This is going to be great if my rig can handle it in VR.

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This could lead to purchasing the Tornado too… oh boy! Here we go again!

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Looks like it takes a while to install and process, plus found this froogle advice on if the installer gets the layers wrong…

Warning from froogle:

OK Panic Over!

Earlier I posted screenshots of Orbx’s new TrueEarth GB South and pointed out how awful it looked (it did).

Turns out that they have an installer problem. If you buy the product and find it looks utter crap, go into your x-plane custom scenery scenery_packs.ini file and make sure that the order for the new stuff is …TrueEarth_Custom then TrueEarth_Overlay then TrueEarth_Orthos.

IF you do that then the new Orbx scenery looks every bit as stunning as it is supposed to be.

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Man, this video shows off the London area. Looks pretty cool.

I was thinking of passing on the UK scenery, as that scenery, in general, doesn’t have a great interest for me. Looking at this video though…hmmm Would be getting it for p3d when it comes out. But dang, is that plane in this video standard in x-plane? Sounds/looks great.


That does look really nice. I am rebuilding my X-Plane stuff and am still keen on this. It seems like it’s a 27 GB download that then expands out in about 2 hours to a 120 GB install size. Eek.

The aircraft is a default one, a Cirrus Vision SF50 - Cirrus Vision SF50 - X-Plane

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Yeah. The default airplanes in XP11 are really quite good…

Downloading now! Hopefully I will get to try it out sometime tomorrow…