Two New Seven-G Videos

So who knows when (if) this will ever see the light of day but Seven-G has released two new air to air videos on their youtube channel:


Always playing with my emotions Seven-g. I try not to be one of the “they need to port this over to X sim” people because I really have no clue how that kinda stuff works. Just thinkn that model they got would look amazing in BMS.

LOL…yeah, they are like the Outerra of flight sims. The videos are really cool and there is definite progress each time. I wonder if they could ever pull of a Steam Greenlight type of thing like CAP2 has done…

I agree. Every reveal shows progress that kinda screams “ready for consumption.” Yet… yet… oh well. I think Steam Greenlight would be really cool. One thing I did notice is they did a ton of work on the cockpit. In the Su-27 video, around 1:12, you can see some amazing detail behind the seat. Looking good…


Interesting. I had actually not known of this before. So this is another, stand-alone simulation specifically dealing with the F/A-18. Doesn’t look too bad at all.

Yes it does. It has accually been in development for quite a while, by a single dev I believe. There is a preview article for it over at simhq. They even had an active Canadian f-18 pilot answering questions about the hornet and the sim itself on the seven g forum. Over the past year or so info slowed dramatically, just when you are ready to mourn its mysterious death, they release a sweet looking video or two.