Two of three.


Oh the Trimotor, I do love that bird. I seriously thought about firing up FS9 and doing the Xmas Flight with a Trimotor.

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It is not an unreasonable retrospective deduction.

Yeah, they are great, aren’t they?


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Absolutely! The corrugation technique both looks good and is very sturdy. I love it when form and function coincide. :slight_smile:


Makes me want to go out and buy an expensive luggage set.


On sale

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You are a bad influence @NEVO :wink:

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@Bearhedge You reminded me: I have an additional comment / update / offshoot on the subject.

There was a book I have been after for quite a while, which had proven to be as difficult to track down as “Fight it Out” (Captain Oliver Gordon’s account of HMS Exeter and her part in opposing the Japanese integration of the Dutch East Indies into the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere).

The book I am referring to here is one I have seen referenced in other accounts of the Third Reich. It was originally called “Between Heaven and Earth with the Mighty”, by Hans Baur. That is, Adolf Hitler’s personal pilot. By sheer chance, the other day, while looking through i-Books for any publications specifically on Blomberg, von Papen, or Reichenau, I saw the book with the more politically correct title “I Was Hitler’s Pilot”. Turns out to be the very one. There should be some interesting Ju-52 stories in there, I wonder. Some luck, and it usurped the position as next on the reading list, after I finish my current read.

Note: Some may laugh at me and ask why I do not use Amazon or E-bay to locate books I am after. This would be valid, except for where I live. Mail order is very “iffy” still, here, and things are often lost or otherwise confiscated in customs, requiring you to do lengthy recovery procedures. I know, it is silly, but that is how it is. When I moved here in 1996, a great number of books I had located in car-boot sales and such, in the UK, and wanted to keep (because of historical value, original publications, and such) simply disappeared from the pillaged crates. They included some very rare, original Jane’s from the interwar years, among some other books which are irreplacable. I have developed a deep mistrust of local customs ever since.

For those not so limited…