UH-1 Argo Campaign

Hi fellow Rotor heads, Well I bought Argo at the weekend and all I can say is wow! Flying as a Greek NATO pilot flying alongside the USS Carl Vinson. Landing on the back of a postage stamp is a real test. I love the way the game can auto start and how it automatically starts flicking through all the switches to add the extra immersion. A better option than the hot starts and of course if you want to undertake the start yourself, then you can do. I’ve only completed mission 1 through the HTC Vive and I’m really impressed! The sub hunting was interesting and a different dimension and capability of the Huey. Looking forward to mission 2 which I’ll have to wait till the weekend to sortie. I’ve not sorted the maps out yet so a lot of reliance on ADF. The game was $10 but well worth it. If there any other rotor jocks thinking of joining the Greek Navy, then I would advise it’s a good investment!



I’m looking forward to trying it soon.

Do you (or @BeachAV8R or anyone else with it) think it’s possible to play through all of it in VR? The one thing I think I would miss is that ‘hoist cam’ helper that I don’t think you get in VR DCS?

Once it is released - it might be the first campaign I try totally in VR. I thought the hoisting was not super difficult and I think there are enough position keeping points that you could do it without the hoist cam. I didn’t use it and had no problems…

  • Edit - however, I only flew the first three missions!

Cargo pickup is so much easier in the rift. Obviously it helps if you can do it in 2D but hovering in the rift is a lot more doable. Just get the red smoke on your nose ease forward till the Hovering over cargo text is displayed and wait a few seconds. Top tip get your height stable before you get set over cargo saves the constant pedal inputs needed otherwise, and allocate a switch for autounhook before you start


If anyone wants the -10 for the huey feel free to grab it off my google drive


It might look like Greg is going to develop a whole lot more than just ARGO perhaps :open_mouth:

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I tried it and it seems a lot easier than I remember. In 2D I’m sure it was more difficult, but not complaining. I don’t miss the special top down window as much as I thought I would.

My main remaining issue is in dropping stuff off gently now. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from crushing your pallet from a great height. I use the autounhook but tend to ‘plunge’ a little too fast around the 60 ft or so mark, leaving the load broken. I need to practice more :slight_smile:

That is a great feature…

Is it painful when you use it?


Probably…if you unhook mid stream…Just Say’n…What? He asked.

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Some nice looking new UH-1H missions just uploaded to the DCS site:


The required mods look good, too.

Cheers for this, I have just been proof reading Simicro’s review for the ARGO campaign and I need some stick time, at least things are slowing up a bit on the guest house side of life :slight_smile:

The review I was proofreading I am sure Tony won’t mind me sharing

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