Uncontained bearing failure

About an hour ago I was typing up a post…just sitting at my desk pounding out the text on my keyboard. Mid-sentence…I hear a click…then, abrupt chaos. The right side of my keyboard tray that slides in and out under my glass desktop gave way in a shower of tiny bearings. The back right corner gave away, keyboard slid back in and away to the right, slid out of the guides, crashed to the ground. The whole assembly pulled the left forward bracket and bearing assembly out, it hit the ground, and exploded in another shower of tiny ball bearings. :rofl:

It was like losing the #1 engine and having the uncontained failure take out the #2 engine… :fireworks:

Brackets look sort of like this…but a bit lower profile:


My mouse was also on the tray…on the right side…it too took a tumble to the floor but appears OK. The only better thing would have been if my Saitek keyboard would have hit the floor and had all the keys explode free. :neutral_face:

So now I’m typing with my keyboard on my lap. My mouse on the desk in front of me. It was almost as if the whole assembly was hooked up to @Troll’s ejection handle… :rofl:


OMG - muscle memory is a horrible thing. I’ve reached under my desk for the non-existent keyboard tray five times in the last three minutes.



Is it REALLY the keyboard you keep reaching under the desk to find?



That may have something to do with it…

You see, the ejection handle is designed to communicate with the rest of your hardware so that they will move out of the way or disintegrate, in the event of an ejection, so you won’t get hurt when punching out. Much like the explosive chord you’ll find in many canopies.

But unless you pulled the handle, or shouted ‘EJECT’ three times, there must be a bug in the code. It is, after all, an early access product. Gimme two week and I’ll figure it out.

In the meantime, just to be safe, could you check that you haven’t got anything heavy, like a safe, on the floor above your seat…? Thanks!


Why does this story sound like “The dog ate my homework”?

Any article deadlines approaching, Beach?



@BeachAV8R when I read the title I expected a flying story.
Like: “my system showed a totally wrong bearing.”

…But then I noticed that your post had a totally different bearing. :wink:

And this is sure past bearing. :smiley:


:bear: :ring: ?


Maybe he just forgot to ‘safe’ the ejection handle? @BeachAV8R, did you put the ‘remove before flight’ pin back in?

Oh, and did you find all the bearings? Gonna suck of a cat finds one and places it in a tactical position to step on. :slight_smile:

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