Unreal Engine 5 Revealed! | Next-Gen Real-Time Demo Running on PlayStation 5

I was watching this and thinking that MSFS 2020 is coming along none too soon: Graphics technology is advancing so rapidly, and sims were falling so far behind, that probably sometime in the fairly immediate future, the gap might have become insurmountable…


Now the essential question is: will vorpX support it? :vr:

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Thats a nice tech demo. Unreal has come a long way.

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The essential question is: Will it run Crysis? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think you mean will it run Crysis remastered :rofl:

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Well, I think Assetto Corsa Competizione is running off an Unreal Engine 4 base, so I suppose the sim guys are starting to take notice. That said, I vaguely remember someone from DCS mentioning that they have so much physics code running in the background that using Unreal Engine wasn’t feasible because there isn’t enough computing power left over, so each sim is probably unique in what’s realistically possible.

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Pretty sure that that’s not the issue. Drawing distance and how other engines cope with it could be an issue. Another one is that they’d have to practically rewrite large parts of their codebase.


Yeah, that does sound reasonable. I was going off a fuzzy memory, so certainly possible I was mistaken. :slight_smile:

Historically, I recall one of the problems with engines like Unreal is that they have difficulty simulating changing times of day with the associated skybox and lighting changes. I’m unsure if that’s still true nowadays.

The problem is scale, simple number precision, some pretty interesting videos from the star citizen devs highlight that ; it’s an issue for gfx and in the physics and in pre load… Only a server service is able to do it (like fs2020/sc), not something that is easily done on an engine that is tailor made for close up detail… Even the Witcher for instance, which feels huge, in terms of actual map size in square kilometers is not comparable to what is needed for flight… The dcs maps are bound by commercial ram limits already and “our” terrain has a decent level of detail. Also… Does it matter to have this level of detail if you’re passing it in the blink of an eye with all attention on what’s going on in the cockpit? But the unreal engine is a beauty, shaders and effects set a new benchmark, as always :slight_smile:


I wonder if the answer is no, will that technology scale over a larger space with less detail needed per object. I would think, and I have no experience in this field, that object detail would be inversely proportional to the the distance of the object to the player. Perhaps Lumen is more applicable than Nanite.

A discussion of how it might relate to driving simulations.

The editor has some amazing stuff - the blueprints visual programming is pretty neat. The cells concept and the streaming is really nice. Things have changed a lot in the last 20 years for sure lol




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Nice stuff!

Often, I hear of people on various forums talking about MSFS being slimmed/down Dumbed/down to run on Xbox, but in fact, I sometimes wonder if the Xbox version might even turn out to be superior.

That would drive a lotta’ people crazy! :crazy_face:

I’ve even wondered if Asobo might be using MSFS to create the basis of their own Unreal type engine and technology for Microsoft…

With the money-faucet from Microsoft right now, it seems like they could easily shoehorn in an awful lot of complementary technology research under the cover of MSFS remit…

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That was a pretty epic video.
I’ve tinkered around with numerous editors for game engines and worked on a few mod projects, but all of them look like stone age compared to this.

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The Real question should be, can it run DCS?

Can’t include links yet, so Google for Antoinette Project. A good tutorial on how to make flight sims in UE5.

Actually, this caused a tiny stir over at FS developer a few months ago, and those are some very conservative / skeptical guys when talking about interest in anything other than their current bread-and-butter; which is to say, they will keep an eye on this but I would be stunned if anyone from there made a move.


UE5 enables World sized maps, and IMO, could be the Engine that could unite realistic FPS, Vehicle Sim, and Flight Sim into one World. Something I’ve been wanting for the last 20 years. And the graphics are just amazing.
There already is a realistic FPS being developed called Ground Branch. It’s small maps, but it would be interesting if people like them could team up with some one like DCS and Steel Beasts, to make a hard core realism sim.

Interesting stuff!
This pic, of a flight helmet and a Varjo VR headset, made me think…

Help me identify the aircraft… :sunglasses:

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