Update from Beach from San Juan


So update. Was asked to come back down to San Juan, arrived KPIE a few hours ago and was waiting to catch a flight to San Juan and FEMA called and deactivated us. Had some beers in TPA, now climbing back on an American flight to CLT. The aircraft with the 8 crew (4 of whom we were coming down to relieve) will have to run a shuttle to get all our supplies back from San Juan through PIE to CLT. Officially not my problem… :+1:t2:

Can’t wait to get home and fly that Su-33!


I don’t understand who you work for - FEMA deactivated us - thought you worked for private agency.
At any rate, good on ya Chris for helping folks!


In emergency cases, many countries official disaster relief, or emergency preparedness plans are able to co-opt/direct private agencies for relief efforts.

I dunno if that’s what’s happening with Beach, but it would make sense.


That is correct. FEMA contracts experts in their fields…that is the Management part of their title. Engineers, transport, supply, medical, reconstruction, etc., mostly come from private, public, and military sources. So you get things like the Corps of Engineers perhaps working with contracted power companies, or us (MedCenter Air) bringing patients to FEMA medical bases or military transports.


So thanks to everyone for keeping the site rolling during my absence for the past two weeks. I caught up on some much needed sleep today…I don’t think I ever slept more than a 5 hour block for most of that two weeks. I have a mountain of receipts to wade through for our accounting department, so I’ll be doing that tonight and tomorrow, then things should settle down and I hope to be back participating here at my usual level. Unless something stupid like the pumps going out in New Orleans happens :cold_sweat:

I still haven’t had an opportunity to load the Su-33, so that will be a first priority. Then I gotta see if my rent is due on my Air Hauler base…haha…


Lemme know when you want to do the Sea Flanker, I’ll throw something up.


This is an interesting photo/narrative of 24 hours in Puerto Rico…I found the 11:40PM dispatch interesting. The Verdanza is where we were staying… :wink: