Upgrading SSD with out the great reinstall?

Ok before I do something I will regret I wanted to run this by people who have more knowledge than me.

I have a SSD that currently has my windows install and DCS on it. It is out of memory. I have a new larger SSD that I want to move to. It seems to me that migrating? would be my best option because I really don’t want to reinstall DCS plus find all my photoshop plugins again. However a fresh Windows 10 install would be helpful too. Am I missing something when it comes to transferring things to the new hard drive, such as a way of backing up DCS so I can avoid 250gb of downloads? My concern is creating registry errors if I copy stuff on to a new Windows install.


Lucky you, you can just copy over DCS, point the skatezilla tool to the new location and hit ‘repair’. That should sort that.


So what your saying is, this is easier than I’m making it lol

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Well for example if it is a Samsung SSD they have a Migrate program that does all the work for you… you run the Migrate Program select your Source drive then the Destination drive clcik ok and it migrates windows and everything on thast drive to the new drive…

Most of these SSD should have a similar program as Samsungs Migrate Program… there is really no secret here… as easy as pie.

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