USS Hornet found

The USS Hornet has been found in 17,000’ of water…the video with the article has some nice video footage of the find…


Glad she is so deep. It should keep the illegal salvage crews away from her for quite some time.



It’s a war grave. Anyone low enough to scavenge from it deserves to spend a good long while in a cage somewhere.

At 17,000 feet under the water, I doubt most scavengers want to bother with it.

Maybe so, but sunken warships are being scavenged at an alarming rate.


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Nasty bit of business, but as the article says, they’re hitting wrecks fairly close to the surface. Could they eventually get to really deep wrecks? Probably. But to do so would require a bit more money and equipment than most Asian scavengers have access to – outside of government sponsors.

It leaves a sour taste when they go in and desecrate a war grave like that, but, to play devils advocate, if a plane crashes and there are casualties, what happens to the remains of the aircraft after the investigation is over? Do they stick every piece in some immense storage hangar forever, or is scrapped? What about civilian ships such as The Herald of Free Enterprise (MS Herald of Free Enterprise - Wikipedia), which was salvaged and subsequently sold for scrap? Nearly 200 people died on that ship too.

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