VEAO 2016 Review

VEAO 2016 Review

P-40 and Spitfire MkXIV as primary modules, talk about a Hawk 2.0

very interesting that paraf about military projects.

[QUOTE]Well for me it will be a busy time developing our military projects, securing more military work for the year and those beyond, demonstrating our capabilities within DCS and of course showcasing DCS itself which is second-to-none when it comes to military simulators and [B]the capabilities of the simulator that we all love flying or even driving in[/B].
DCS itself has come on leaps and bounds with the latest installments and we can’t wait to develop systems and functionality for what is yet to come .

[B]You will see vast improvements in technology for DCS[/B]; VR being a classic example of this and [B]we are excited to announce some partnerships early in the New Year, so keep an eye out for announcements!![/B][/QUOTE]

Finally land modules coming to DCS: W? Await the news about DCS World vast technology improvements and the partnerships on early new year.