VEAO January Update

VEAO has posted their January update over at the ED forums:

They seem to have quite an ambitious development list. Given the development of the Hawk Im still a bit skeptical if they will be able to pull it off. I would like to be proven wrong though.

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Actually I feel like they have kinda tightened the ship a little from the giant list they had before, feels like they are more focused and dialed in now, while still showing what and where they want to go.


I agree. These announcements are getting more concise and focused and that lends itself to an improved perception of quality.

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For me it is just a sign of life, which is good of course.
As a supporter of DCSW and every 3rd party I am looking forward to more information and releases by VEAO.
Until now I bought every DCS module there is (not counting pre-sale of the P-40).

But as a customer of the Hawk I am still very disappointed, which is why for me they are still “on probation”.
I will most likely not buy anything from them again until the stuff I bought is working as intended, and a new product by VEAO is available in a quality I like. No more betas, back to reality.
And until now they have done nothing to justify the trust I put in them. All we have is words.


I think that’s reasonable, and honestly, from the amount I have talked to those guys, they would be ok with accepting that, and challenging themselves to turn around some of these disappointed feelings.