VEAO May develop update

VEAO may develop update

[quote]Hey Guys,
Welcome to the May update.

Firstly please let me thank you all for the feedback you have given on the Hawk EFM Patch.
This was a significant patch that is now out in 1.5.3 OpenBeta, 1.5.3 OB Steam and 2.0.2 OpenAlpha.
We are listening to your feedback and reported bugs and are making a list of things to look at.
Right now we have a High, Medium and Low list and the bugs reported are categorised based on priority.

The biggest one we have been working on is the falling out of the sky issue. We have posted a potential fix today for 1.5.3 OB users and have uploaded the files to ED for 1.5.3 and 2.0.2 next patches.

This has obviously been the top priority to get the fix working and out to you.
The remainder of the items highlighted are being looked at in the coming days/weeks so keep an eye on the patch notes during the next updates from ED.

This was a significant patch from the old SFM version that’s been out a while with a lot of updated working items. If you think stuff still isn’t working quite right or you’re not quite sure how/when something is working then please let us know in the Bugs forum section.
Any question is a good question, there are no dumb questions around here.

If you have the time and would like to become a VEAO tester to try things out before they are released then please drop me a line and we can get you on our dedicated testing team which helps to highlight bugs with updated DCS release before they go public.

Next week is a big week for our military side of the business with the ITEC show in London.
And I am proud to announce that we have set up a joint venture company called Porrima Simulations with our partner company Eventuality.
We have been working with the team at Eventuality for a lot of promotional events for Breitling, the RAF and many others.
The Porrima JV has been set up to facilitate this side of the business so if you see our logo around with Porrima you know it’s us.

With the release of the Hawk EFM patch this meant that some of the team could go back to P-40F which is our next priority to get out to you.
A lot of the features and bug fixes we encountered in Hawk has put us in good stead for the P-40 and future aircraft; things like radios, EFM issues, Etc.
I’ve read a lot of comments about wasting time on Hawk and to concentrate on P-40; however as I’ve just said these issues would have come up on P-40 as well so it’s good we get them sorted before the module is released.
Right now the team are busy on getting the lower priority items ready like missions, encyclopedia, desktop graphics and the like.

Other Aircraft
Work is ploughing ahead on the Spitfire, Wildcat, Vampire, Meteor and of course Typhoon.
There are all in various stages of development and Pete has been posting some updated pics on our Facebook page so keep an eye out over there and subscribe.

Towards the end of the month when we’re back from ITEC I’ll post a more comprehensive update.

Keep an eye out for the patches from ED, post bugs and questions and again thank you from the team for reporting and querying issues.

Chris and the team.[/quote]

I’ve not seen the sky falling bit, so guess I’ve been lucky. The new EFM is nice. I still struggle with the hydraulics a bit, but it has been fun to fly.

LOL…for some reason I just found that sentence funny.


I’m soooo looking forward to trying out the EFM. I don’t have the open beta installed…just don’t want to hassle with another install.

Right then you lot! Lets get you chaps out to the flight line and introduce you to Her Majesty’s chosen flight trainer the Hawk. I think you are going to find her a right fine bird, with a unique and completely random feature we like to call “Falling Directly Out of the Sky” that has trained RAF pilots to be the most prepared pilots in the world. Well that is, the ones that didn’t Fall Directly Out of the Sky if you know what I mean! Haw!


lol, I even heard the accent while reading through it.

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Hehehhe. I must admit I also imagined the “Hot Shots!” scene where they introduce the Gnat as the Navy choice for their fighter…

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So it’s not typical for them to fall out of the sky at random.


That’s an awesome video…LOL…

“The ship’s been towed out beyond the environment…”

It’s one of the most common posted video’s in the r/justrolledintoshop subreddit, for mechanics to post the weird stuff. Love that sub to death.

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Ok I have to post this funny story, even though it is kinda off-topic:

When I skim over the forums headlines I read the title of this thread like this:
“VEAO may develop update”
and I think to myself: “They may develop an update for what? I don’t remember.”
So I click it and only then I see it is May (uppercase, meaning the month!! And develop is short for development, not the verb).

And that didn’t happen to me once or twice. This is the fourth time I click on this topic for that reason. :smiley:


LOL…if they had capitalized Update I’d be wanting to having the Update module… Oh…the anticipation…

I think google developed the Parsey McParseface parser for exactly those situations!

This video sooooo reminds me of a Monty Python skit!

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