VEAO November update

Glad to hear the flight model is coming along (tapping my fingers on my desk), and the cockpit retexturing. I really like this module and can’t wait for a complete feature-set…

Sending positive vibes their way…



Ya! I watched the Hawk EFM video today, nice stuff. I like this little airplane.


I agree. Good to see some progress.
I am still sad about the MP thing, but the EFM might give the Hawk the opportunity to overtake the C-101 again as my primary trainer aircraft.

Looks like progress. Hard to tell from the video exactly how much… I would love to see some crosswind landings where one strut takes the weight first…also some leaning on the struts when taxiing around corners. I think the Su-25T is sort of the gold standard for handling characteristics…so seeing some additional dynamic action in the gear will be encouraging.

Can’t wait to wring it out…


Yep, certainly an iconic aircraft for many Brits - will have to take another look once the EFM is available.

I’m not sure the Hawk is for me, but I do wish VEAO luck in hammering out their EFM.