Heading to Vegas for my 15th anniversary, any tips? Leaning heavily on getting a Planet Hollywood Ultra Resort Vista room, whatever that means. Probably going to use Spirit to get out there (from DFW).

Any tips? Is planet hollywood nice? Looked like it had a great view and located in the middle of the strip. I’ve been to Vegas twice (Marine Corps Ball) and was so drunk I don’t really recall much of the trip.

Anyways looking forward to any and all advice.

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Take a look at Southwest out of Dallas. They normally have some pretty good deals out to Vegas and, after all the extra fees Spirit charges, it’ll probably be pretty close on price.

I haven’t been to Planet Hollywood so I can’t say how it is. I’ve always stayed at Treasure Island, I’ve found it to be decent rooms and location for the rate. I’d like to stay at Arias next, it’s nice and no cigarette smell for (I think) reasonable prices.

I’d recommend two of the shows.

The Beatles Love Show, assuming you like the music, and Absynthe.

Highly recommend them both.


If you’re flying Spirit then hit the bar at DFW hard first. They have 21 inch seats (a chipmunk would lack legroom), no wifi and lost my checked bag about a year ago. They charge $4 for a bad coffee. I’d rather mail myself than go Spirit again.

As for Vegas, Fremont Street is worth a look. A bit seedier/edgier/old school, and better blackjack odds and weirdest company.


If you ever start writing reviews, please sign me up - that’s hilarious!

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I flew Spirit to the Dominican Republic a couple years ago, and to be honest, I wasn’t that upset by it. I think about it as having realistic expectations. If you have ZERO luggage, outside of a very small bag, it’s tolerable. If you check a bag, like you said, you might as well fly someone else. It adds up quick.

Really depends on what kind of experience you are looking for. Romantic, party, or quiet (for Vegas). I like Treasure Island. Middle of the strip so you can get to anything you want fairly easily, it has a fun vibe with Tequila bars and whatnot and has a neutral mix of guests there. In other words not too touristy, not too High Roller, not too spring break. I stayed at the Venetian and ended up crossing the street to TI all of the time so have stayed there since.

The Luxor has a very nice steak house and is worth walking the floor for the most unique building on the strip.

Check out Rehab at the Hard Rock on Sunday morning. Hanging out at the river pool with a DJ while drinking tiki bar drinks to chase the hangover.

The best way to see the dam is to rent a motor boat from one of the marinas on Lake Mead and motor over to it. Just stay away from other boats in case they are handi-cam porn shooting.

Never stay more than four days.


Bring a camera and spend a few hours outside Nellis. Red Flag should be going on. Columbian Kfir C10s are participating.

I really enjoyed seeing Penn and Teller’s show at the Rio I think? A Vegas show without the Vegas BS. :slight_smile:
I also saw that car museum that’s got quite a few great ones in it. But I forget where that was. Also took a helo tour of the Grand Canyon.

After all, I was there in 2004 and 2005 and not back since! The Hilton still had the Star Trek Experience back then…

I spent a good 30 mins between the two trips gambling. I think I lost $15.

That was fun. The Quark’s bar was great. Really good costumes, especially the Borg.

They could use that in the adverts “Spirit Airways - To Be Honest, I Wasn’t That Upset By It”. With a Vegas crowd and Spirit, at least wear a stab vest underneath your shirt or smuggle in a make-shift plastic shiv - those crowds get rowdy on a couple of morning drinks.

For me when I flew them, it turned into a ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles’ remake, as I used them when I missed another flight (my fault) and just wanted to get back home. They initially offered me $32 in compensation for the checked bag going AWOL, which at least induced the loudest laugh out of the entire experience.

Of course, you could just book a United/Delta flight for the day before and then get the $500 voucher for when they are overbooked. I swear that would be a way to make a living nowadays. I love listening to the ‘Overbooked Poker’ they play on the announcements where the ‘not to fly’ money keeps going up and people that can change plans are all staring steeling eyed at each other, waiting for the other guy to blink first.

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“There was an idea, @BeachAV8R knows this, called the Mudspike Initiative. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when we needed them to to fight the battles we never could. Unfortunately they got bored and wandered off…”


Originally Mudspike was to be a pure reviews site, we were not keen on a forum or non-flight-sim-bolt-counting subjects at all (seemed like hard work, plus people always fight on the internet). It evolved a bit over time. I came to the conclusion I could never do proper reviews without a RealName™ and my work prohibits that, so don’t really write the wordy stuff anymore.


Like fungus in a shower…or something…

Indeed. Fortunately, our quality to fight ratio is pretty high…so it has been mostly-ish OK. If the forum ever gets to be too much of a hassle though, I’ll sell it to the highest bidder. And yes, I have change for a $20…


Catchy…for sure…and you have a dude just sort of giving a shrug…



One of you pilot types want to let me stowaway in the cargo to Vegas, I’ll try that too.

or if you can get on base, visit petting zoo. It’s nice.

Wait…your real name isn’t Fearless Frog?


Of course not, it’s Fearless Frogson. :shushing_face:

Wait I thought it was Toad Frogson

OK, I’ve went ahead and switched to Southwest. Booked the room at Planet Hollywood also. After reading through some recommendations and looking online, it seems like the Absinthe show will get some money also.

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It seems to be a thing about flight sim forums - for one reason or another many of them seem to have turned a bit toxic, which is a shame.

Mudspike has a nice atmosphere. I don’t know if it’s because the average age is a bit higher or because of a bit of healthy moderation every now and then - whatever it is, it is working so good job :sunglasses:


Perhaps the average IQ is a bit higher, too. :smile:

Too many places on the internet (not just sims, it’s universal) are filled with people who frankly haven’t a single clue on how to argue. They believe that

  1. your message is all that matters, how you deliver it is irrelevant. “Just because I am being crude, rude, and vile, my message is valid so you must allow me to continue to bray like a donkey.”

  2. just because you have already stated your message 363 times, you need to state it again in reply to every single person in every location, even if this conversation doesn’t have anything to do with it. “Sure, Ant Man and the Wasp was a fun film, but here’s why 1CGS is wrong…”

  3. while 1 applies to them, it does not apply to anyone else, and if they can find ANY reason to discredit someone, any point they make can be safely ignored. “Water is good for you? Did you know that HITLER drank water? So you like to do the same things as Hitler, so I think we can forget what you have to say.” In other words, shooting the messenger is not only valid it is essential.

  4. being called a 4-letter word is fine, you can shrug that off, but you go ape-bat-dog-insert animal that craps-crazy when called a 5-letter word–WRONG. They will never concede being incorrect despite overwhelming evidence (because anything that supports them, no matter how flimsy or made up, is proof, and anything against is fake or can be disregarded for X reason), not even a minor point like “well sure, Independence Day is celebrated on July 4 but technically the document didn’t get to England till much later so until King George knew of the fact it didn’t REALLY count”

With those traits, there is just no point in arguing with someone because they have laid ground rules which basically dictate that they are always right and you are always wrong except when agreeing with them. So why bother?

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