Verdun WW1 Trenches shooter game

Not sure if this has been mentioned here?

But if you subscribed to Epic Games store (that is free to do so) then they are giving away free this game just now as a promotion or something.

Its quite well reviewed apparently, downloaded it, ran it and set it up, looks OK, will have a deeper look later … you cant beat free :slight_smile:



Never even heard of it!
Cool that someone made a WWI FPS.

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I played a bit and I like it.

It’s just as brutal as you would imagine, but I would have made the movement in the trenches’ mud slower, much slower.

That said, for the price it’s totally worth it and we should definitely have a “Mudspike Day in the Mud”


Big fan of both Vurdun and the recent Tannenburg, with a new one coming out at the end of the year… true tactical first person shooters… I bought them on release didn’t care for it much, but after some time and learning fell in love with the series. Play them more then any other shooter even before this free give away.

Cross platform play, so before this free give away you might get lucky to get 100 players on at a time, mostly just a dozen or so, highly underrated series IMO.

WW1 Game Series - WW1 Game Series


Guess who is one of those Alpini guys of the next expansion?

This guy!


I’m quite enjoying the juxtaposition of wearing an army hat while wearing a T shirt that says “f U I won’t do what you tell me” :rofl:


The irony of it didn’t escape me. :slight_smile:

Also, for godness sake, it’s not an ARMY hat, it’s an ALPINO hat with a crow feather.


My bad… sorry :rofl:


Verdun is fantastic fun, not crazy fast-paced, but challenging and horrifying in equal parts. You are lucky if you live more than a few minutes in this game and you spend a lot of time respawning, running to the front from shellhole to shellhole, jumping into and out of trenches and getting shot or blown up.

Once you get used to the to and fro of the action its addicting. I’m really looking forward to the Isonzo release!


Spot on analysis of the game, tried it again last night and was killed just peeking over the trench, spawned again and thought I’d stay low and run to side edge of map to hopefully run up side and do a flanker … but must have strayed off map because a voice came over, deserters will be shot and bang … so I was. LOL

Its difficult and very unforgiving and needs its own dedicated discipline and approach to tactics, still has online players but something about the WW1 genre keeps me interested (same with WW1 flight sims) going to give it another go very soon.

Isonzo sounds interesting, will look out for that., off to look at Tannenburg now.

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There’s a “off line” mode… which is great for learning, it’s all AI’s. You pick the squad, position you want and learn that role, each are very different.

I quit the game after a week or so when first released, unforgiving and confused on how it worked a little… but came back after some serious updates and add-ons… love the series now.

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