VFA-31 Releases Footage Of Syrian Su-22 Being Shot Down In This Awesome Cruise...


Video has been deleted at least 2 dozen times now…

Arrgggghhh! That didn’t last long, the video that is.

Ready to be immortalised on the mudspike servers.

Not as impressive as the last part of the vid. F-18’s in formation with Su-27 Flanker

Yeah, that’s staying on imgur’s servers, thanks. :slight_smile:

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C’mon. The DIA are very nice people once you get past the intimidation and accusations.


I would love to see the whole tour video… but it’s gonna keep getting deleted…

That Su-22 got slammed. That AMRAAM must’ve still been in its burn stage.


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considering a few moments ago they were at 1.5miles for the AIM-9X Launch… yeah…