Victork2 and his ultimate folly

Exactly. What great memories he is making. I love everything about it…


A nice parcel of goodies arrived from the land of the free today

The grounding harness should solve a great deal of my electrical gremlins. The keyed fuel switch is a awesome little anti theft device that I’m gonna hide somewhere on the passenger side and give the boy his own key for…

Now before you question this… I’m going to modify it to be be a nuclear style 2 man key situation. I’m not giving a 7 year old the ability to start a 2.5t military truck.

The big ticket item is the smart start box. £1000 worth of stored potential irritation.

This controls the glow plug circuit, the heater (why?) The wipers and the starting and stopping of fuel flow.

These things are a pain in the arse. A known failure point. I’m hoping the supplemental grounding kit will alleviate the issues.

I’m also going to cut the old one open and see if i can attempt to make a usable one out of it with some electrical jiggery. No promises though.

I’m putting together an emergency toolkit as well bit by bit. Spanners, sockets, electrical cable, tape, screwdrivers and a snazzy ammo box to store it under the rear seat. I need tools. I get the shakes unless i have tools nearby.


I’ve borrowed an engine hoist lets change some tyres, I know that sounds weird but all will become clear


Awesome sauce.

Just a WAG but a lot of mil vehicles have heaters that run on a diesel burner and not from the engine coolant circuit?

Same. Extra tools to supplement the factory offerings in all our vehicles.

Split rims?




Yep, but with the added headache of a solid plastic run flat band in the middle which i want to put in the skip and dispose of



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Yeah, without an inflation cage they can be a bit scary, but so much easier to change a tyre in the field.

And a run flat band is like a (solid) tyre within a tyre. If you lose all tyre pressure you are running on that instead of the wheel rim.


They also add 50 ish kg per corner and add stress to the driveline. Now ive got a couple spare tyres I’m not too worried


Start box fitted. New matching temperature sensor fitted.
Earth leads fitted.

Darkness fell… too late to try it but im cautiously optimistic this will fix the cold start isssues.

There is also a pin loose on the Temperature sensor that possibly may be a cause of issues as well so im going to fish that out and fix that before trying it in the morning.

If you see spanners hitting starlink satellites tomorrow…i just wasted a lot of money.


I once saw a spanner going ballistic, a friend was helping his dad and dropped a bolt into the oil filler hole on a renault 5 gt turbo … I must add this was a fair few years back… :scream: and i hope your cold start issues are gone … because its forecast to be a bit on the chilly side next week



However. If this expensive way of keeping the truck as humvee as possible doesnt work. I’m going to wire up a £2.00 push button to the glow plugs and be done with with it :rofl:

I also turned down a recovery, pull a vehicle out the local river. “Sorry mate, haven’t got any equipment or winchs any more. Sorry though, have to ring a professional company”

Walked outside. Saw the hummer and remembered the giant winch on the front and the only chance to use it for fun OR revenue disappear.

Dick. Head.


Calling someone to pull the car up from the river.
That someone arrives in a HMMWV…
How cool is that…?

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Happy. Happy. Happy


Kinda want to cut this open


probably all potted in resin … but would be interesting to see inside


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The boy is playing skyrim. The girl is out getting her hands mucky and helping daddy


I made sure my daughter was involved when we renovated the last house. Her patience wore out at about 5 min in the beginning, but it grew on her. When we moved in our new house, in 2022, she got to pick out new furniture for her room, and assembled it all herself. I only helped out with the heavier parts.
She picked the colour for her room and helped paint it too. I love that kind of work bonding…


I think its really important to do this stuff with them. My dad was a brilliant mechanical mind but an absolutely god awful impatient teacher. My life would of been a million times easier if i didnt have to self learn everything i do. If even a few bits stick in their minds for the future I’d be over the moon.

Lara saying “7/16th spanner” or “arf inch” is literally the funniest thing imaginable as well.

The boy loses interest much quicker than she does. She’s in it for the human interaction more. She’s a people person


Exactly. If all they learn is that fixing stuff is fun, they have a good head start.